Monogram Space Shuttle
1/72nd Scale

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It's that time...

Decaling Time That Is!

Welcome back gang!
Well i've been doing more than enough faffing about with the decals so time to see if they work.

Well sorta yeah and sorta nope.

Tried it out on the tail first and the decal was too tall to fit
and the deep groove where the tail rotates was a problem that no
amount of Microsol could sort
so stripped it off, reworked the tail, another print and tried again.

Bit better.

With how the original decals are and the fit,
I decided to just give up any attempt at accuracy and just get to it with my ones.
Also did a few areas that are not covered in the original sheets like the back of the OMS pods.

Moved on with the rest of the back end.
This lot took almost 40 decals from my set plus the Warbird extra shuttle detail decal set.
That set was meant to be for the Revell one but what the hell.

So that sorted, on to the wings.

Now I did a little bit of a poll on the Facebook Resin Illuminati page as to what name should be used
and out of all the choices, the majority vote was for 'Daedalus'

Same one as in the movie 'Space Cowboys'.
So done and done!

Had a go at emulating the placement.

Close enough will have to be good enough here.

Also plastered the decals for the underside on.
That was fun.

Onward with the rest and that's for the next page!

Take care of yasleves out there now.

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