Silverstone F1 Race Track Diorama
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A gap to be bridged so...

Better Bridge That Gap.

With a big bridge model wouldn't you know it.
Ok then gang, the buildings are coming along nicely so back to the Fosters Bridge malarkey

Now last time we saw the said framework there was sill more to be done so today, some more got done.
And here's the result of today's round of fun and games!

Much slicing of 2.5mm square plastic strip, well I say much, actually there was a great deal of it.
Some gluing here and there too.

Handrails and steps courtesy of Plastruct, or as I like to call them, a time saver!

Well now, a bit more construction then a blast of grey and green paint ala airbrush in the right places.
A few choice custom markings with a fair amount of red paint plastered in the right areas
and we will be done with this beastie.
Now before you ask and just to explain again...

I know there should be steps on the other side as well but here's the thing,
there just is not the space for them outside the layout area.
Possibly a slight oversight but that's how it is and we gotta work with what we have.
Shame really but there ya go, to be honest I think this is my personal fave of this build so far.

Could stand as a model in it's own right methinks and is going to look rather good once painted I be a reckoning.

Now for you facts and figures merchants out there, here's a few to get ya noodle around...

Length : 97cms
Height: 27cms
Width: 8cms

339 individual parts used so far, about another 60 or so to add and done.

Oh, on the markings for the layout, them handy decal sheet kits got pressed into service again.
Abbey Santander red background and Abbey Santander white background.

These will be used on the logo boards on the main and secondary pit buildings
and in one line all the way along the front of the pit garages.

Also various markings and decorating bits for the buildings and garage interior walls.

And for today's fun and games, that be that my merry mob o' modeling muckas
You lot go easy now and i'll see thee next update time!

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