Silverstone F1 Race Track Diorama
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Got Me Memory Card Back

Ok then troops, sick camera better now and should be back in my grubby mitts in a day or so.
Untill then, managed to claw back me card and
here are some pics shot before it decided it wasn't going to play anymore...

First off, a few very swiftly taken shots of the base plates.
Had to take them in me front room as it had started to rain outside so please excuse the decor.
Simply done items, 6mm MDF board, epoxy resin coated and painted.

Commercial model railway grass matting and scenic materials over the board and dense foam
which was simply carved to add some shape.
Pit lane sponsorship decals were dry rubdown type just applied straight on.

Well that gives you a rough idea where everything goes.
So onto the buildings as such, the secondary pit building in it's primer coat.

Then after much laying on of paint, decals and the like we ended up with this.

Well that done, on to the main pit garage building.
This shows progress up to the point the piccie taking thing threw a wobbly so still much to be added at that time.
Hopefully camera will be back in my mitts 'fore this and the rest of the stuff goes off but that could be doubtful, we will see.
The basic building with the bulk of the painting and marking done.

The windows were all perpetrated with some nice mirror like coated plastic, simply masked off with frisket and black painted.

At this point I had just finished the frame and stairs for the winners podium and attached into place.

Also the rear walkway had been fitted, a stairway has been made and handrails attached since this shot was taken.

And that is that up untill several days ago...feels like a lot longer but lack of sleep will do that to ya.

Getting this sorted has been a real endurance trial so far and
more than once i've had an attack of the non-drying paint and
a few accidents here and there but par for the course methinks.

Now there be no guarantee that i'll be able to get any more pics as the buildings and
like stuff will be leaving me real soon and I do not think
i'll be able to get any pics of the full deal setup as the
deadline is a closing in and after the stuff leaves me, it's out of my hands.

More on this later but that be the lot for now.
You go easy people!

Additional...Got Me Camera Back!

Just a few pics of the finished Main pit garage building.
There are a few somewhat delicate details I did not add as I could see multitudes
of small breakages happening during handling.
Last thing that's needed now is a long running repair saga after
the messing about it's taken to get this lot sorted.

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