Silverstone F1 Race Track Diorama
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And so...

Time To Take The Chequred Flag

Well let's make this short as possible so as not to bore you lot to death.
started by much cutting of the mirror plastic then fitted into
the slots top and bottom then glued up.

Pretty much the same deal again with the second level.

I didn't get anymore pics of the build as such.
Additional was the rear walls, spiral staircase and the BRDC logo stand
but after some paint flingin' and assembly, we get this...

And just a few final shots of this beastie.

And that is duly that!
No current pics of the overall thing i'm sorry to say, just no time to get any sadly but there ya go.

If any come my way taken by others then i'll plaster them up
somewhere on this here site my friends.

That concludes this little turnout so you lot go easy now and i'll see ya for the
next WIP whenever that will be...could be sooner than ya think!.

Captain Slog Additional 21/06/09
Just added some pages.
A selection of reference pics I shot at Silverstone abut 3 weeks 'fore the Formula 1 2008 GP
All starts on page 8 so get thee there pronto like!

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