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Just look upon it as a present of sorts...

A Few Piccies For Ya!

Well gang, a year and a bit down the line and a bit of a photo essay of sorts.
Being that it's now the weekend of the 2009 British Grand Prix,

And possibly the last one to be held at that holy place of British motor sport...

I thought it was about time to extract me digit and post some of the shots
I took for reference about 3 weeks or so before the 2008 GP.
Now I am no motor sport fan as such but I am a fan of tradition.
And I think some folks will agree when I say that British motor sport + Tradition = Silverstone.
End of.

So here we go, broken down into parts and bear in mind the pic size is not small in resolution.
I'm talking 2608 X 1952 averaging out at 1MB and change so there ya have it.
Feel free to save any you wish with my compliments.
Nothing wonderful here but someone may find it of use I hope.

Just click on the links below to take you to the thumbnail pic pages.
They should open in a new window.
Thanks and enjoy people!

Pit Lane Main Buildings.

Pit Lane Bridges.

British Racing Drivers Club.

Misc Pics.

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