Hasbro Black Series Rebel Snowspeeder
Approx. 1/12th Scale

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Big lump and none too shabby on the details...

Yeah, I Can Work With This.

Well...here we are again!

OK gang, long story short on this one...

Best mate got one, showed me, looked at reference, decided this is something I can work with,
handed over beer tokens, job done!
Damn near studio scale so good enough for a start.

For those curious, I have to admit i'm fairly impressed with this one.
The inaccuracies of this to the studio model/full size speeder can be put down to two main things in my humble opinion,
first, it's a toy/collectable and second, tooling for mass production so it's all good.

For anyone who want's close to studio scale and can't get their
mitts on/would rather not pay the large amount for the Master Replicas,
(3/4 studio scale by the way)
this is a pretty good trade off as is...never mind what a nutter like me is going to do with it.

Assuming the info I have and have read is correct, this thing is about 88 to 90% Studio Scale size wise.

On with the show then.
Sizable box.

Packaging dispensed with, the pile o' bits.

Comes with a Dak Ralter figure, Luke figure sold separately,
big shock there.
Said Luke figure shelled out for and on it's way.

The harpoon gun. Yep, that'll get replaced.

The guns.
A job for Aves or styrene tube replacement here abouts methinks.
Not bad on the detail though gotta be honest.

The open panel and plenty of shading/dry brush potential there.

The optional open panel covering.

The airbrake things are not too bad on the detail.
Definitely a candidate for dry brush doodling if nothing else.

Cockpit in not too shabby, based largely on the full size speeder methinks.

Not a terrible paint job for a mass produced bit of work, seen worse.
It'll still have to go though.

Landing gear extended and not extended.

Back end and it's not bad at all detail wise.

The Luke figure turned up pretty swiftly.
So that accounts for our hapless helmeted heroes, all good.

That's the lot for this opener!

Next page, we'll start on the what's right, wrong and what i'm going to do about it...if anything.
You merry mob go easy out there now.

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