Sovereign Replicas USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E
1/650th Scale

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To paraphrase a line from a Johnny Cash song...

So The Very Next Day When I Walked In,
With My Big Cup O' Coffee An' On The Phone To A Friend...

All was well just incase you were expecting summat different.

Glue nicely cured on the saucer joins so all clamping removed...

And finished up yakkin' on the phone and settled down to a marathon filing/sanding/filling/repeat kinda thing.
Took a while but finally got the leveled up joint deal I was after.

Very nice. So then, next up was to attach some extension wires,
join the top and bottom saucer wiring and then join the whole wiring deal
to the main power feeds in the secondary hull.

That sorted, 'twas time for much mixing of epoxy steel and slapping
onto parts followed by much clamping and cursing.

And to be honest that was pretty much it for that day while giving the requisite 24hrs for curing.

A Day I've Been Waiting For

Yep, main model construction final day. Glue cured rock solid so clamps removed and straight to it!

Much chipping and chiseling away followed by remaining gap fill in and final
smoothing putty cover with multitudes of filing and sanding in between but...

Finally in one piece and to quote The Brain from Pinky and the Brain...
So all sorted to my satisfaction there so opening the bag of resin cast bits,
some plasticard parts made by my own large paws and removing parts
required form the photo-etch fret, off we do jolly well go!

Most cool indeedly and with some pin hole filling in and clean up plus a
few bits put back that had been worn off during the long sanding and grinding processes,
the build was a done deal in the main.

The deflector dish, impulse grilles and hangar deck window framing
will be left off untill paintwork is complete.

Any faults in the finish i've missed will show up when an overall coat of primer is applied
and will be given a very sour look and get a stern talking to,
rest assured on that.

So lastly but by no means least,
grabbed a 9v 450ma pack I use for testing and decided to fire
up the main lighting just for a looksee like.

Not bad and then a few pics with the hellhole lighting off.

Well now, so far so good with this here thingy.
Next task, give 'er a good wash down and scrub up to remove all sanding/filing debris and any residual
release agent on any mouldings then we into that fun deal...

Oh yes!

...the paintwork!!

That's all for now people,
so all good paint flinging fun to be had and i'll let you know all about it!.
You goodly lot go easy now!

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