Sovereign Replicas USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E
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Just a little inbetweeny, fiddlin' with a small part update folks...

Dealin' With That Thar Deflector Whatchamacallit...

Okedoke then troops and troopettes

Thought i'd take some time on this very nice & sunny day,
odd for a English bank holiday
and do a wee bit of fiddling about with the deflector.
Now the parts are photo-etched brass and very nice too I might add,
thing is though, the parts are flat.
No surprises there I know and will look good anyways but,
as usual I tried something different.

This is how the studio model deflector looks...

Well the whole deal will need a mounting ring so this was duly cut from a sheet of
40thou plasticard and the main etch part removed from the fret.

So the task here is to make the photo-etched greeblies match as far as is humanly possible.
So first things first a lump of decent thickness, 40thou to be exact,
plasticard with a hole in it.
The diameter being a couple of millimeters smaller than the deflector...

Then finding a dowel about the same diameter,
resting the brass part over the hole,
placing dowel center and just press down.

Not too shabby at all so onward to the center parts.

Now these bits stick outward so a bit of the same forming technique,
except smaller this time both in hole diameter and pusher thing,
this time it was a plastic nut cover.

Much the same was done for the rather tiny center thing and the aforementioned
nut cover and my finger did the trick here.
All that lot sorted, epoxy mixed and the three parts
assembled and mounted on the plastic ring.

Pretty good. The whole deal was given an airbrush coat of copper paint...

Then most of the copper was gently removed from the brass.

And finally the whole thing was given a dusting spray of clear laquer.

Well that pretty much suits the look I had in mind.
After all the paintwork is done, the area has been masked and once said masking is removed,
a couple of coats of clear orange will be applied and
this wee bit just stuck right over the top...
job done I hope.

Well still the paintwork to come and that's next
You lot go easy out there now.

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