Sovereign Replicas USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E
1/650th Scale

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Now let's see if this works...

Hello, Good Evening And Welcome To The Hell Hole!

Howdo all.

Well it's one of them make or break times but a bit of an important one.

The masking carries on with attaching all the bits from the splendid masks supplied,
along with a fair wedge of common or garden masking tape.

As a wee assist to the tape with having to make sure it's firmly in place in the
deeper parts of the model surface, simply done tool which is nothing more complex than a
cocktail stick or toothpick if you will with the end shaped.

So all major masking done and just concentrating on the pinstriped areas of the top saucer,
time for the paint flingin' to begin.

To be honest, it's simply done.
First a very lightly airbrushed coat of Revell matt 43 then using the same masks
as used on the light grey area,
the large mask was used and the airbrush loaded with a mix of Revell matt 43
and SM374 in 1/1 ratio and applied lightly.

That done, the aztec masking removed, the small mask sheet selected and then the lot airbrushed with Revell SM 374.

So, the paneling broken up just a little bit, time to turn to the area inbetween...
Quickly and easily masked off, the base colour is Revell matt 47 and using
the larger mask again, a simple load of some Revell SM374 lightly airbrushed.

I Take All That Time And Trouble To Put It On...
Then I Go And Take It All Off...
What's That All About..?

Well actually, it's all about this...

So, was all the soddin' about worth it?
Well some may say yea or nay but for me, you bet it bloody well was!!

It has turned out pretty much as I hoped it would which is always a bonus.
Perfect it is not but it certainly fits the bill and I think a coat of varnish
will improve the differing tones in the paintwork but that's for later.
For now, two large pics for your viewing pleasure and that's all from me for this update.

Much masking and painting to be done as we start to see the finish line somewhere in the far distance.
We will get there fairly soon I hope.

Until next update time, take care, good luck, good health, good god and go easy.

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