Sovereign Replicas USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E
1/650th Scale

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We Be Gettin' There Slowly

Or if ya like, just clearing up some fiddly bits and bobs.

As it happens, all the masking and final paintwork on the nacelles and pylons took a bit
longer than anticipated but nothing unusual there methinks!

Well to cut a long story short and save you the usual blahblahyakkedyschmakedy,
here's the pics of the done deal on the warp engines and the bits that hold them up.
So you lot look over these while I get on with the downhill stretch and
please excuse the slight distortion in some of the photos,
guess which pillock didn't set the camera right...
Aye you guessed it...

And of course the very necessary, nay almost contractual lighting shots.

Right then folks...
Still more to do, it's a seemingly never ending task this is true buuuuuut it's not far
of being a done deal model build and paint wise I promise.
I have a need to get it done ASAP anyways so most likely last knockings
on this by the start of next week i'm a reckoning,
hoping, sorta praying, you know the feeling.

Go easy troops and troopettes.

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