Star Wars Super Star Destroyer
?/?? Scale 37.5" long

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EGAD!...No tiddler This one...

But Then Vader Isn't One To Screw Around
When It Comes To His Personal Ride.


How do folks and folkettes!
Well now, one that got slung my way with the simple request of build, paint & light.

Well in terms of this bad motor scooter, that equates to Ok, Can do & Ah now there's the thing....

Well first up, let's be a having a look at the bits to play with.
And quite a pile of resin bits it be!

The top of this thing, this somewhat well detailed thing that is.

And a few close ups for goodly measure.

Fairly crisp for the most part so none too shabby.
The inset strips for the edges, also well detailed.

The front underside plate.

And the bottom rear lump.

Now the castings are pretty crisp for the most part.
On the large parts, there are air bubble problems.

To be honest, the easiest way to deal with this in my mind
is to take the lot off and rebuild.
This is where sheet styrene and a
sheet metal nibbler will come into play.
More on that as we go through.

And then lastly, the many bags of parts.
Many bags...

Also not skimping on the detail front.

And last but by no means least, the printed out PDF of how this monster goes together.

Well now, as said this is a build, paint and light up job.
A fairly large amount of 0.25mm fiber optic has been brought in for this.
As well as about 40 0.3mm drill bits.

Better safe than sorry with what will probably be 1000 plus holes to drill out knowing my luck.
It'll take a while...

But that said, the job is to make this gal look the part and so she shall be.
By fair means or foul.
Foul if that's what it'll take I assure you.

But all that fun, sun and suffering to begin next update so i'll see you merry lot then.
Go easy people!

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