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U.S.S. Enterprise 1701 Refit
1/120th Studio Scale

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Not so much the refit grind...

More A Refit Grinding.

Well either i'll grind it to the finish or it'll finish me!
Welcome back to the hellhole gang.

Ok, this is the first bit of this turnout to (hopefully) fulfill a long held dream.
That dream being to have a mahoosive model of the refit Enterprise.
No, the PL/Round 2 one has definatley lost it's sparkle for me long ago.
So then, the only option is to go studio scale.
That is to say the same size...more or the filming miniature.
Yes friends and friendettes...

We are talking 8'4" of starship here.

Think about that for a sec...

Nice eh?

After more than a few years of picture studying, plan drawing, midnight pencil and head scratching, it's time to make a start.
Now this is not going to happen quickly.
This one is for myself alone so it will be worked on as and when time and inclination allows.

probably much to the annoyance of the rivet counting must-have-uber-accuracy studio scale model modeling mob,

This refit will be done as I see pun intended.
I'll try to get as close as possible to accurate as I can/wish to but there will be plenty of stuff
behind the windows instead of just light and some of the finer detail not present on the filming model
will be present on mine where possible.
Like the airlock doors on the exterior for example.
Right then, enough waffle, onward!

Well gotta start somewhere so it's time to head for the bridge.
Here's the part on the PL refit and the 'real deal' part on the studio model.

The bit right on top.
So a piece of thick plastic sheet,
a large lump of urethane resin,
a scribing tool or two and a lathe came in handy here.
First up, the plastic sheet was cut to shape and mucho scribing did take place.

The aformentioned large lump of resin, made simply by using an old cardboard pipe end, 4" diameter,
taped up and about 1/2lb or resin poured in and left to cure.
After tearing off the cardboard, the lump was secured in me lathe and there was much spinning and resin frag flying about.
Here's the result.

For size comparison...

It's a start.
So a large hole cut in the plastic sheet and resin lump stuck in place with plenty of stay put ya bugger gunk.
Then some 4mm or about 1/6th"ish in real money, square stock for the bits between where the light usually comes out.

So the back end made up from some 2mm clear sheet and 1mm standard white styrene with the half round holes in.
Glued to the back and some internal framing installed for the outer sheeting to be stuck to.
The opening in the back where the airlock should be is slightly bigger than it should be.
This is to accomodate a seperate airlock part casting yet to be sorted out.

And then came much measuring and cutting of varying thicknesses of styrene sheet.
And much glue was lobbed in it's general direction.

Then somewhat large amounts of rapid cure filler and smoothing putty got a look in.

Yea verily, the multi grades of wet and dry were shown unto it and there was much elbow movement.
After which, some plasticard cut, shaped and applied in the appropriate places.

So the thickness of the plate over the light emitting areas was thinned down a tad to a more acceptable thickness.
Then the bits in between were given a quick shaping to replicate the slight slope infront.

And finally, a look at how it all shapes up so far after a dash of rattlecan applied primer.

Well so far, so good.
Detail parts to be made up and cast.
Along with the B/C deck bits that this beastie sits on.
Once that's sorted then time to mould a couple out proper.

And put 'em away untill the next push on this project.
All of that for the next update that will happen at some point in the future.
No idea when but untill then, you merry mob go easy now.

Aye laddie, Page 1 !Page 2...more stupidity dontchaknow...Page 3 A pause for paintwork

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