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U.S.S. Enterprise 1701 Refit
1/120th Studio Scale

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And for my order...

Oh...Half A Dozen Nuggets Will Do Me Please

Greetings gang!
Well now, just this page 'fore the project takes a break so here we do go.

Now the last bits for the bridge section and some other parts of this exceedingly bad motor scooter to get done.
So the parts concerned are some circular bits on the top of the bridge section.
The ones in the pic below on the flatish area behind the dome.

I have no idea what they are.
Could be a kit bashing part or the like but I needed something similar and the greeblie bins were no help.
So resin nugget and lathe time!
Urethane resin machines real easy so out with some polythene paint mixing cups.
Always have a pile of these about for the use they are supposed to be used for.
In this case, a quick moulding thingy.
Just mix, pour and when cured they just pop out all nice and neat like.

Now the standard lathe chuck jaws wouldn't open wide enough to take these so the alternate ones were fitted.
The nugget duly secured into place.

And that bugger ain't going anywhere.
Except round and round at high revs and get lumps chopped off it.

Speaking of which...
End with the dimple faced up flat with a litle nub left as that appears to be part of the two round things.
Then with my old workaday tools rather than the Glaze ones saved for special occasions, the deed got done.

This was cut off the nugget.
Left a bit long as any castings can be easily trimmed.
The singular round item which holds a light was up next for the same sorta treatment.
A 3.1mm hole was drilled in this to take a 3mm LED would you belive.
Well that's one aspect of the nav/strobe lighting taken care of.
Trying to think ahead a little here ya know.

So to the airlock parts,
Well as usual in need of some wide bore tubing but none in the parts pile.
So pretty much the same nugget chopping lathe deal and after a short while, we got these bits.

The rings are longer than needed.
But that just gives an oppourtunity for refinement
when it comes time to wedge them in where they are suposed to go.
So a smidgen of scribing and a few tiny bits of plasticard and we be a getting there.

And not bad for a hour and a halfs work.
Coffee break not included of course.
So next up, a couple of tiny bits in need of getting built.
The bits in question are the 'M' like things on the top dome of the bridge section and the tiny sort of vent like things either side of the bits where the light cones out.
The afroementioned bits in the pics below.

The tiny vent like setup was built from just some small bits of brass tube and some 5thou plasticard.
Like so.

This will be getting the rubber n' resin treatment.
Now for that 'M' thing.
Well it's a rare happening but every now and again,
That gorgeous Lady Luck suddenly appears, plants a smacker on me lips, smiles and says I can win this one easy.
To the rescue, some 3mm plastic lettering from the spares bin.
This gear.

So taking two letter 'A', chopping out the cross bit and sticking them to some 5thou sheet, I got this.

And just for the hell of it, a test fit.

I could not have done any bloody better if I had tried.
Love that Lady Luck, top lass!
I just hope she comes back from time to time while i'm in the process of working on this monster!
So then, we have the parts gathered and along with some plasticard bits that make up so surface detail for the B/C deck bits,
The lot got stuck down to some scrap plastic, tape surrounded and rubber poured over.
Not very technically exacting I grant you but does for the purpose.

So last deal for this part, the flatish parts either side of the bridge dome have some sort of black vent thing on them.
Well nothing too drastic so out with the thin Jammydog masking tape and double thickness strips laid on.

Putty got smeared over the whole deal and when cured, sanded until the surface of the tape could be seen.
A gentle peel away of the tape, a dry out and then a lick of primer.

So done to both sides and then after a light sanding down all over and a good bath...
The part, not me...
It's pretty much a done deal on the bridge setion.

And that is for now, where we leave this particular project.
More at some other time but no telling when that time will be.
Plenty other stuff to keep you amused and me up nights so see ya about the hellhole another time.
You merry lot go easy now.

Aye laddie, Page 1 !Page 2...more stupidity dontchaknow...Page 3 A pause for paintwork

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