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Same Old, Same Old...

Greetings folks and folkettes!
Well here we go again worst luck.
Right, the deal here is a simple one...
They always start out that way trust me...
Take a pile of wreckage and build summat nice.

This particular one thrown at me in a manner of speaking from a client.
No idea of the exact origins of this beastie but it's not really that important.
Suffice to say, it'll be different.

So, the run down at the time of writing this waffle being as follows:
Strip it back to the bare resin, re-build, light up, cockpit detailed
and paint the thing with lots of weathering.

The exact phrase used to me on the phone was, and I quote
"Make it look beaten to shit"
Well no questioning the intent of instructions there methinks and I can certainly live with that.

Clear is better as far as i'm concerned.
Well on with the show!

In a largish box arriving at my front door this day, I got the following:
One fuselage.

Some wings.

And a couple of bags of bits.

A quick check revealed all present and correct to build one X-Wing so winnin' and grinnin' so far.
There is one pilot body and two heads.
Well a spare head is usually a good idea for anyone so okedoke.

And two R2 unit tops.
In the pic below, left one is the kit part, the other I am
informed came from the Anakin Skywalker Naboo Fighter toy.

Almost the same size and slightly better in the detail in some ways.
So that will get a very minor mod or two and be used for this turnout.

All the details on the cast parts appear to be in good
condition for the most part so that's somewhat of a relief.

So the final thing for this page and the first order of business.
Finding any weak glue joins and taking the thing to bits as much as is possible.
This will help when it comes to the paint stripping and rebuild.
It turned out to be a surprisingly easy task.

After some gentle flexing of parts and listening for the
telltale quiet cracking sounds, in with the scalpel blade.
Some 10 mins later...

Well next up, this lot have a date with a bucket of degreaser
and a small scrubbing brush.

That lot and more silliness next update people so i'll see thee then!
You merry lot go easy out there now.

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