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It's Sunday, It's the hellhole...

It's The Final Update!
Oh Yes!!

Greetings gang!
Well final dealings so let's be about it.
First of the last, the inside of the wings.

Now weathered in pretty much the same manner as the rest of the ship
but not quite as much.

Well I am going on the assumption as such that X-Wings
don't always buzz about with the wings open.
As said, same blotting coat then streaks and varnish to finish.

So done and done, on to the wing guns with a bit more dirtying down here and there.
Also added that barber pole curly stripe sorta thing.
Made it faded of sorts and let the pastels do the rest.

Time for the rear engines to get sorted.
Some black pastel with aniline black powder added.
Aniline black is usually used for pigments in casting and so on.
But it's a super fine solid black powder so this kinda thing
is ideal for the really dark weathering.

Did a work over on the front and back bit of the engines.
One going over was just a bit shy of what was wanted
so the first pic is the initial hitting with powder,
the second is the 'let it have it with gusto' coat.

A very gentle wipe over with a tissue just to get some grey highlights.
Then all secured with the airbrush applied acrylic varnish.

Just a dab or three of pastel powder to the top and rear detail areas.

And now the bit i've been waiting for...
Masking Removal.

First up, pulling the polythene sheet away from the open engine part.
Without incident I might add and no-one happier than I.

Our wee Artoo settled into his now permanent position with the
assistance of the epoxy 'stay put ya bugger' gunk.

Very nice.
A quick tug at the masking around the open nose panel and...

Aye, like it.

And last but by no means least, the masking in the
cockpit where our hapless helmeted hero resides.

And now, the contractual lighting check.

Well that's me pretty much done bar getting a large and sturdy
lump of wood to fix a fresh outta it's packaging Panavise stand to.
Then that will pretty much be it for the built of this deal so last bit...
Some higher than normal res pics of this bad motor scooter.

And that as they say is about that.
And now of course, the link to the proper gallery thingy...
Clicketh the pic and a new window should open for you.

I hope you've enjoyed this little spin about the hellhole
and i'll see you merry lot again soonest!
Go easy all!

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