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It's all about the three p's...

Paint Plastered Pilot.

Howdo people!
While the certain to be long running saga of the paint stripping pandemonium
carries on, time for a bit of paintwork.

Thought I may as well make a bit of a start so time to deal with the small bits of the whole.
For this wee update, it's the pilot to be taken care of.
The R2 unit is next up.

So then, parts ya want, parts we got...and this is what we got.

So a set to with grinding tools, files and bladed implements.
The pilot body cleaned up and hit with a dash of white primer.

So first hit with a dark buff/orange colour and gone over with some dark wash.
Then worked up with some lighter shade stuff to give a light and worn orange suit look.
Didn't want a bright clean colour for this just to be different.

So paintwork kept fairly simple.
All not worn orange areas given a going over with dark grey.
Then the white bib like thing just gone over highlight fashion.

The rest of the detail picked out in varying shades of grey with
some light blue and a dab or three of silver.

Gloves and boots picked out in matt black with some dark grey drybrushing.
Lastly, some brass wire bent up, stuck into position
and painted for the hose like thingy that is fixed to the bottom of the chest box.

Yep, not too shabby.
So time to get a head for this fella.
No dramas here, just a basic flesh workup with some dark colour on white for the eyes.

The bone dome done in matt light grey with matt white drybrush top coat.
And chin strap painted matt black and white.

Then out with the red, grey, black and yellow for the helmet markings.
And much squinting and teeth gritting did ensue...

Finally, clear plastic shaped and shoved into place for the visor.
A coat of acrylic clear orange saw that sorted.

A short length of 5amp fuse wire, a drop of cyano and the helmet mike was a done thing.
A lick of matt black sorted that out.

So time to bring both bits together.
Some epoxy stay put ya bugger gunk made it happen and all was well.

So one bit out of what will probably be far too many for my liking done.
That's all for now gang, more soon I promise.
Go easy and i'll see ya next update.

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