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A few more bits cleaned up...

Now We Can Start Getting Some Of It Together.

Greetings and good day people!
Right then, sticking a few of the cleaned up bits such as they are back together.
One last lump o' metalwork to attach.
So the same performance as last time with some brass sheet.

Some 1/16th" or thereabouts brass rod was then cut in 1 & 1/2" lengths, holes drilled and said rod used.
Just for some extra support at the leading and trailing edges of the wings.

Then there was much laying on of the epoxy stay put ya bugger gunk.
Wing joints slightly roughened and attached to the root block and wiring fed through.

And before the fuselage goes in for it's rather long paint stripper bath, dry fit, light check and some pics.

Okedoke so far.
So fuselage enjoying it's soak in degreaser, meanwhile wing guns paint stripped, cleaned up and re-assembled.

The wing tip mounts for the guns were all pretty much shot except for one so that was cleaned up and a mould taken.
Four will be cast and used...with a few more finding their way into the greeblie bins.

Fuselage eventually scrubbed up nicely so on to a winner so far.
A clean up of some panel lines mit der scriber didn't go amiss either.

The raised rectangular plate on the belly will have a duplicate part made.
The original will just get dumped.

The new plate will be a separate magnetically attached
thingy to cover the re-charge socket for the batteries.
Probably also double as a stand sort of thing but we'll see how that all goes.

So onward with the cockpit caper.
Here's the raw part and not really that bad as bits go.

However, I was told to use the artistic license thing...
So out with the epoxy putty.
The cut ins at either side of the front instrument panel got
filled in and some seat like relief was added to the back.

Now you'll have to excuse me here.

It all kind of came together way quicker than I thought it would so I didn't take any pics
in between this point and the laying on of some matt black.
But to talk you through it, it went something like this...

The putty was all sanded down to smoothness.
The raised detail on the side instrument panels was all removed and surface made smooth.
Digging into the greeblie bins, the parts from a 1/32nd Revell F-14 Tomcat cockpit were retrieved.
These got a razor saw waved at them in a nasty fashion.

Resulting parts were trimmed and fitted into place.

The top flat area was smoothed off and some scribed plasticard attached.
Then some plasticard semi-random cut bits were glued on.
Some 1/32nd" brass wire, about 1' of it or so in total, was sliced and bent up for wiring/piping.
Many holes drilled and the wire installed.

Other holes drilled to take the eventual fiber optic to be installed.
Then the matt black went on.

Then to the main paintwork.
A dark grey drybrush followed by a few more coats with lighter shades of grey.
All enamels just mixed on the fly so to speak.
That is to say, a standard grey with matt black, then less black,
then used neat, then a little white, then more white.
All mucho drybrushed on.

Some individual buttons and details picked out in white, silver, red and blue.
Final additions, some painted brass wire piping for the rear on the cockpit.

Also some bits from the greeblie bin which were some
kind of brass connectors used on circuit boards I think.

Can't really remember for certain, just looked as though
they may be useful one day so grabbed plenty of 'em.
Today was the day for some of them it would appear.
And after all that, here's the result...

Well so far so good.
Screen displays, lighting, fiber optics and associated hoo-ha
still to be fitted but that's for the next update.

Fast closing in on an update for the Halcyon Dropship
so that's all for now for this beastie.
More later so you lot go easy now and i'll see ya next time.

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