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Final Build Details.

Whatho people!
Right then, last bits o' building proper now.
Now there are some circular thingies found on some X-Wing models,
usually either side of the fuselage below the cockpit canopy.
No set number or position so to speak that I could find.

So some 1/8" brass bar stock in the lathe and the spinning/slice/repeat deal was done.
A dab of cyano and that was that sorted.

So last little bit and first bit of paintwork, the R2 unit.
When last seen it looked a bit like this...

Well some brush applied acrylic paint assisted action later, we done!

As a side note, the big 'eye' was done with some 5 min clear epoxy with some
enamel matt black mixed in and just dripped on a scrap polythene bag.
The closest size just peeled off once cured and glued in.

Time for an R2 dry test fit and lighting check methinks!.
The lighting is just a 3mm diffuse white LED in the fuselage top.
The holes in R2 just drilled out and clear 5 min epoxy glue
applied with some Tamiya clear red and yellow added

So that's that on the actual glue bits together deal...
Apart from one small matter but that will be put to rights during painting.
And now...

Main Paintwork Pandemonium Part 1 !

Oh yes indeedly the fun begins.
Well some masking up to attend to but no dramas here.
Some bog standard masking tape with scrap thin polythene sheet
and tissue paper and the dastardly deed done in short order.

First up the very necessary primer paint dusting over to find any faults.

Faults found and rectified, another coat of primer followed by a goodly coat of silver.

Once the silver had sorted itself out, a dab or several of latex masking fluid here and there.
Also some tape to have a panel or two in metallic just for the heck of it.
Then a good blast of grey primer.

So from here, time to work up through the grey's to get the main paneling sorted out.
In the raw primer grey then masked panels.

From there it was a fairly simple deal.
One rattlecan of white auto primer in hand and well shaken up.
A coat applied then more masking of panels.
Repeat about four or five times.

Once done, then more masking.
Airbrush acrylic matt red applied.
Happily remove all tape.

A bit of old school brush painting of some acrylic yellow/buff parts
and a lick of acrylic verdigris glaze to the canopy frame.
The glaze is sort of like a matt tinted varnish from the Vallejo range of paints.

Also the latex masked bits removed.

And with that, onward to the next page for the next bit!
See thee there...

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