Halcyon USS SULACO From 'Aliens'
1/2400th Scale

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Another Halcyon kit...

Another Ride Round The Hellhole
Another Test Of My Sanity Threshold.

Well welcome aboard gang to this severely abridged WIP log.
Reason for the abridged bit is that the pics
herein were pretty much for the client only
but since i've now got more than a few of 'em,
best to plaster them up in this fashion methinks.

Well saves attaching several dozen photos to an email anyways.

Right then, no full on construction covered,
i'm sure there's more than a few other build logs out there
of this monstrosity so we'll skip that.

So to begin at the beginning here,
The lower 'sail' thingy as is...

And then came the multitude of stupidly small plastic bits...

And the much required lick o' primer to see
how it's all shaping up.

All okedoke there.

Next part was gluing the main sides of the ship together
and to put some detailing in to the the bits
running down each side at the front.

Now looking over my reference, they looked almost
like huge roller doors.
So some gently scribed 5thou styrene got sliced up
and glued in to position along with some strip stuff.

So that lot brought round to my way of thinking...onward!

Now the rear lump engine section.
More than a few flat areas in need of a smidgen
of sprucing up as it were.
So out with the 5 and 10thou styrene sheet,
more than a few narrow strips cut and glued on.

No fun there but necessary to give this beastie a
much better look than stock.

Then came the parts to fit top and bottom with somewhat large
undercuts in need of a bit of detailing.

And dry fitted for a looksee.

All okedoke and squared away.

So the rest of the main part assembly happened in short order.
Away to page two with ya for the next bit of hoo-ha and i'll see thee thereabouts.

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