Halcyon USS SULACO From 'Aliens'
1/2400th Scale

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Gonna need tape...

And Make It A Different Colour.

Rightyho then gang, let's be at it!!

Now to my mind, the thing that's going to
sell this is paneling.
Lots and lots of paneling.

Three strips of standard DIY masking tape laid out on the cutting mat
and all given a goodly running over with a red sharpie marker.

Reason for this is it will make the bits easier to see when it all comes off.
Said strips cut long ways then cut in a vertical fashion
to make a multitude of tiny bits.

So first came a coat of light aircraft grey,
then much laying on of small tape bits.
Like so...

Then the same light grey got some dark sea grey added.
A mix up and airbrush on,
a second layer of tape,
a third aching neck
and we got.

And another lot of tape.

Another add some 'dark sea grey to light grey' nonsense...
More tape...


And after all that, remove all tape...geezoh!

So to take all the stark contrast off now.
So first we have the 'as is' finish...

A coating of the dark dirt modeller's wash and clean up.

Then a coat of acrylic matt varnish and re apply dark dirt wash.

All good there so apply same tactic to whole model.

So that all settled in, a coat of acrylic gloss varnish for the decals to sit on.
Now this would make a tonal change to the finish
so the whole model was done rather than just the
bits that would have decals plastered on 'em.

Varnish applied, decals also.

Then a final couple of light coats with acrylic matt varnish to finish.

And with that, pretty much paintwork done
and got the OK from 'the man' so all good.

So last bits for this here gig,
The in scale Dropship detached from the sprue,
cleaned up and painted.
It's tiny....


I mean seriously...

So that put in a REAL safe place and on with the stand.
Client requested clear stand so out with the 1/4" perspex.
Some merry band saw hacking and furious polishing,
a smidgen of needle filing out,
a bit of black paper on the bottom
and a finish with a dab of epoxy stay put gunk get's us this.

Which holds the Sulaco up thusly...

So last but by no means least,
glue the dropship on it's small length of requested thin nylon thread
and stick a fork in this bugger!
it's done!!

So that as they say is that for this turnout.

The finished model gallery is now up so by all means
clicketh the link pic thingy below to take thee there
as sharpish as your connection speed will allow.

And that's quite enough outta me,
you goodly gang take care of yaselves and go easy out there now.

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