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And Commander Skywalker Rework

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Getting all furred up

Well Putting Some Paint On It Anyways.

Welcome back all!
Right then, onward mit der Tauntaun and time to get to it airbrush style.

The base white primer did it's job nicely
so to the patchy stuff.
The beasties appear to have dark grey areas down the back of the neck,
over the haunches and down the tail.

Or at least that what it looks like in this pic...

So a plan of sorts and off we do go.
Areas of dark grey done in Vallejo acrylic dark sea grey,
the face and inside the ears in a base of flat earth/mid brown mix
and there was much dry brushing of both.

A decent basis to start from and the dry brushing
continued untill I was reasonably happy with the look.

The claws got a going over with acrylic flat earth paint and a dry brush of acrylic ivory.

A good all over with some grey and black wash on the white and grey areas respectively.
A bit of dry brush action, some white fur clearing up and then came the
teeth and eye painting which worked out quite nicely.

The horn like lumpy bits on the head and to the side of the eyes got the paint treatment.
The horns got a bit of a dry brush to match the colour
of the lumpy head bits and test fitted for a look see.

The reins got fitted back on which was a bit of untangling fun but got there in the end.

Horns fitted in permanent fashion and on to the next bit.

So going by the pic of the real deal and doing some screen capping from the movie
The Tauntaun appears to have some tufts of fur sticking off the top
of the ears and a few whiskers on the top lip.

Oh good grief...

Ah well, one old paintbrush got pulled in for that lark...

The ears as they were...

So one bristle at a time, the end dipped in super glue and attached.
Job done and a dab of paint later gets this.

The whiskers likewise.

OK, that done and time for the snow stuff.

Careful application via PVA based thin scenic glue as used for model
railway landscaping and the odd coat of hairspray for
overall effect gets us to this point on the head and
the caked on snow for the throat area.

And i'm fairly happy with the results there to be honest!

So next up to expand the snow effect to the rest of the furry one
then likewise with the saddle and equipment.
Once that's sorted, set her on the base and that will do for that bit.
After that of course, it's the figure to sort...
which will be the regular laugh riot it usually is.

You goodly gang go easy out there now.

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