Sideshow 1/6th Deluxe TaunTaun
And Commander Skywalker Rework

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A change in the weather?

Nope, Just Heavy Snowfall In The Hellhole!

Oooooookedoke then, Welcome back all.
Last time saw paintwork complete on the Tauntaun, and a bit of the white stuff as it were.

So head end of things done and dusted,
fitted the saddle in place and then went about all the areas of snow clumping on the fur
with a couple of light area coats where required to finish.

All the saddle parts and packs fitted after that lot got sorted..

These then got the snow treatment.

All that sorted, time for a final look see round.

Happy with that meself but just one adjustment,
the client requested some more snow buildup on the neck and throat front
so this was done in short order.

Aye, that'll about do it!

That's the lot for now, time to go to work on the figure lords save us all!
Later people and go easy out there the lot of ya.

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