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And Commander Skywalker Rework

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Last bit...

And A Bit More Of The White Stuff!

Okedoke then, last knockings with this and it on to the Skywalker figure proper.
The figure in approximate pose.

First things first, build up snow on the hat and bandana.
So from this...

Slow build up with scenic glue and hairspray.

Then on to the clothing etc.

Mucho touching up and modification to the snow effects but pretty much sorted.

Not too shabby methinks.
And a swift look see in natural daylight.

Well stick a fork in this bugger, it's done!

Overall, I have to say i'm happy with it and so is the fella who
will have to find shelf space for it so high fives all round.

An easy enough thing to get sorted in the end
as all the hard work was pretty much done before it really got to me.
At least I didn't have to start from scratch so it's a win in my book.

Have to say the finished article looks fairly impressive,
not that it didn't look good out of the box so to speak
but a few additions made it a fair bit better in my humble opinion.

I'm not that much of a Star Wars fan but if I was a collector and had the display space,
gotta be honest and say i'd grab one these like a shot!

Gallery proper can be got to by clicking the button below.

And that's all for this WIP, go easy out there the lot o' ya!

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