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Lucas Francis Studio Thunderbird 2 Kit Build
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There are times when you take a real close look at things...

And Then Wish You Hadn't.

Ok then folks, a little addendum to the first page if you will.
Been working it out with the client as to
what he want's in this build and we've reached a consensus,
so onward with the preliminaries at least.

Now during the nice sunny days of the weekend
just gone at this time of writing,
I decided to have a go at one troublesome part.

Didn't think it would take long and it was
done and done in short order.
You may recall this part from the first page...

I called it the top rocket engine box thingy that
goes between the tails.
Herein after known as T.R.E.B.T.T.G.B.T.T. as I can't be
bothered to type it too many times.

So then, the top and bottom surfaces were a bit wrinkled.
like so...

Now then, an idea came to mind.
This is a hollow cast thing so pretty much air tight.
So the idea, take my electric hot air paint stripping gun
and slowly heat the top and bottom up.
this happening would effectively push most,
if not all of the wrinkles out.
Then clamp the said part between two hefty lumps of MDF board
and leave to cool.

For some extra stability, the piece got some holes drilled in each end
and the whole thing was filled with urethane expanding foam
and left 24 hrs to sort itself out.

Which it did in pretty good form I have to say.

So still not perfect,
nothing is so no biggie,
but it will do.

Or at least I thought untill I did some more zen modeling.
that is to say thinking about it a lot.

As you may have guessed from the first page,
the overall shape of the fuselage is,
shall we say...
somewhat lacking accuracy wise?

Now it's pretty hard to tell what the 'exact correct shape' of this
beast is so at times, the close enough is good enough dept. get's a look in.
As they have here in the following.

Having a goodly dig in to my reference files I found these plans,
downloaded of the net years ago.
This pic is reduced in resolution quite a bit.

I have no idea who drew them,
I seem to recall something about a scan from an old TV21/Thunderbirds annual...
something like that
and the scan was redrawn to what you see here.

Just incase the owner of the image is looking and sees it here,
let me know if your ok with it or not,
if not i'll remove it and re-do this page.


So then, taking this plan and doing a bit of cropping and printing,
I ended up with a profile and plan shot for reference,
enlarged to approx the right size.

Going from all the screencap's and stuff from the ref folder on my HD,
this is pretty damn close in outline to what's required.
Hence, it will do for this turnout.

So first to get a side pic of the fuselage I have to work with.


Ok, so now to the side view on the plan for comparison.

Both pics brought up to equivalent size for the purposes,
then the plan pic got the white bits removed
and overlaid on the real thing pic.

And then I wish I hadn't...

Yeah, not exactly a stunning 'like a glove' fit is it.

So now I really know what i'm facing here.

Bottom line is going to be the following:
Large amounts of body filler,
likewise amounts of fiberglass paste,
a couple of new surform blades,
a bigger than usual order of emery cloth,
prozac and bourbon likewise.

Also due to the rework factor here,
the wings, tails and T.R.E.B.T.T.G.B.T.T. will most likely get scrapped as well.

On the bright side, the tube for the main engines is on it's way.

Yeah, I know it's not much of a bright side
but it's the best I can come up with in a hurry.

So then, once all that is taken care of and the fuselage is in a better shape...shape wise
it will then be split in two and re moulded by yours truly.
Because I can and to bring this job to a finish that
the client has requested, i'm going to damn well have to,
recasting issue be dammed!

That lot said, the build brief as finalised:
Requisite build and paint along with,
cockpit with lighting and figures,
detachable pod with plug in extended legs,
pod interior to be fully detailed and lit,
no rescue vehicle requested and finally,
a runway base with undergrowth and palm trees ala Tracy Island.

It will entail a lot of work,
it WILL test my patience,
it will get sorted to the clients satisfaction,
end of.

And that's all for now.

The next update will be quite some time away,
I have the Ghost Rider Figure To finish which has been hangin' about for way too long,
the Moebius Moonbus to do and a 44" Eagle to get sorted
before I turn my attention back to this beastie.

More on that and the other builds later.
You merry lot go easy out there now.

Page 1, the biggie!page 2 and I wish it wasn't

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