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Lucas Francis Studio Thunderbird 2 Kit Build
Studio Scale

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It's big, its more than a bit curvy, it'll be there to save your life...

And It's Green!

Or at least it will be at some point.
Okedoke then gang, just an opener for one upcoming project.

Right, this kit got passed my way, via a client as usual
so let's get the opener done with a 'what we got to work with' thing.

What arrived at my door was a rather large box,
in said box was the following...
One large fiberglass fuselage bit.

The tail planes.

The rather required wings.

Engine inserts.

The rocket engine long block thing that goes between the tail planes.
One piece hollow cast.

The block like thingies that go on the outside of the tails,
level with the long rocket engine block thing.

And last but by no means least,
the waterslide decals!

Ok then, so to give this kit a run down in my humble opinion wise,
we start with...

The Good...
It's a roughly 33" (give or take) long model of Thunderbird 2
No problem so far.

One of my favorite Gerry Anderson show designs when I first clapped
eyes on her and still is to this day.

And no, I am not a fan of the series as such before you ask.
But I do love some good imaginative design and this is it!

That said we go to.

The Not Quite So Good...
The supplier said that he had no tube for the main engines.
No big deal really as this can be bought in.

The intakes on the front are devoid of any real depth
front to rear so a fair bit of hacking out and scratching up stuff.

Ok, would have been nice for something to be there or
detail part to go in but them's the breaks.
A few airbubbles in the laminate to sort but par for the course in a one
piece large lump like this.

Which brings us to

The Bad...
The block like thingies that go on the outside of the tails.
They look like this...

Fair enough you may think.
Here's a cropped screen cap from the series with the part arrowed.

Look the same to you?
Yeah, me neither.
They are going to get binned and fresh correct ones made up.

The wings now, or more specifically, the section shape at the root.

As you can see, the one on the left is way less than acceptable,
so another bin and make fresh job.

Either than or heat form the other wing
to as near symmetrical as possible and cast a new one meself.

By fair means or foul i'll have two decent wings
and foul if needs be to get the job done.

Also there is a fair bit of 'stepping' in places, along the midline of the fuselage.

That will take more than a small amount of putty and sanding to sort.

And after all that we get to

The Ugly...
Ok, some of this is a bit much even for me.

The roller/wheel things on the underside of the pod.
These bits...

Now they are supposed to be straight which is how
this beastie rolls along the ground in the series.

This is what we got...


Another part that will need building up, well take a look at this pic...

Now take another look at the shape of the line as it runs
under the nose, the white arrowed bit.

With me so far?
Ok here's a comparison pic.
The kit fuselage taken from as near to the same angle as I could get
with a cropped screen cap below it.

More than a bit of a lack in downward slope toward the rear.

That will need some building up.

Oh lordy.
And now the final 'add insult to injury' bit.

Remember the long rocket engine block thing?

Looks peachy untill you look closer.
Like along the length.
One side from both ends...

And the other side...

Christ on a segway...

Not sure exactly how i'll flatten out that but something
will have to be attempted.
I have a few ideas there.

Either I fix it or the client can have a go at the supplier
Lucas Francis Studio from whom he bought the kit direct,
but i'll see if he want's to bother with that as we go along.

So then, what's the build brief/grief for this one?
Well there's a few things to work out but
the main idea on the table, apart from the obvious build and paint,
is a removable pod.
By no means impossible and much the same level of idiocy in model making
I seem to be know for.

For reasons i'm not terribly sure about but there ya have it!

So much waffling with the client to sort and more when
I get up the courage to grapple with this beastie.

That's all for this turnout, you merry lot go easy out there now.

Page 1, the biggie!page 2 and I wish it wasn't

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