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Personal stash and kind of a grail kit for me.
A splendid fellow offered this beauty up so had to jump on it.

Well I didn't have to, I just wanted to so there ya go!

Kit produced back in 2009 by Lasse Henning and beautifully done it was too!
No instructions but some photos from Lasses' Facebook page show where stuff goes so no biggie.

This will make a nice companion piece to the same scale Deagostini Build Your Own X-Wing partwork thingy,
Which we'll get in to later.

Ok then, as garage kits go, this is a beaut by my reckoning but
let's get stuck in to the details...

The top part of the fuselage for want of a better term.

Very crisply cast and a complete lack of voids or air bubbles.
I do love me some quality casting!

The bottom fuselage and for size judgment,
that's an A3 size cutting mat it's sitting on and the Coke can behind it is a 330ml/11floz one.

It's no tiddler this beastie!

The wing panel bits.

Interior and exterior detail parts.

More interior and exterior detail bits.

Detailing is very crisp, as is the casting and all from scratch built masters with a bit of kit bashed detailing.

Not forgetting Capt. raspy breath himself.

This is the bottom plate for the cockpit interior and notice the grille with the long rounded end slots in the middle bottom?

Now I can't swear to it but that looks about the right size to have come from the
MPC Darth Vaders TIE Fighter styrene kit from the way back when.
There's another part cast in to the top fuselage that I believe comes from the same kit so nice touch Lasse.

That's the lot for the opening page, i'll get around to this when I do.
You fine folks take care and go easy out there now.S

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