Masterpiece Models The Time Machine
1/6th Scale

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The George Pal Movie Time Machine.
Got lucky when this got offered to me so couldn't say no...
well I could have...
I just didn't want to.

Got the kit and the electronic upgrade set in one deal so no brainer for me personally.
That said, it will take a lot of clean up and prep on the parts
but that's for a much later time...
no pun intended honest.

A pile of resin cast goodies to look through so let's be about it.

Lots of paperwork/templates/destructions/decals...You get the idea.

Beautiful decal sheets, colour and metallic printed.

Upgrade kit parts and big spinning dish

I'll have to strip all the paint off that the previous owner put on but no big deal.
Not without some air bubbles in the surface, especially on the rivet detail but that's nothing new.

Also have to true up the dish as it's not level around the edge
for starters and if it's going to spin right, some work required.

Fairly cleanly cast parts.
The seat cushions a well represented.

Display base, surround and bar surround for the machine uprights.

The original owner of the kit had bought some adhesive and flocking
for the seat so why not methinks.

Lodsa bits!

Fairly crisp in parts but again,
there are parts with the surface air bubble defect here and there but there ya go.

Even more bits!
Again, none too shabby on the detail so that's a help.

The rest of the upgrade parts and electronics for the lights and motor drive.
Thankfully this had already been assembled and tested by me good mucka Bernie,
Who's probably forgotten more about electronics than i'll ever know.
Mucho cheers for that fella!

The side scroll bars for the machine with wiring already cast in, which is nice.

Well, much clean up of the parts needed but that's par for the course.
Doubtless there will be some additional bits required to bring the model up to spec but again,
that's just how it is with certain garage resin kits and i've been around
that particular rodeo a few times so no surprises there.

More to come at a time yet to be arrived at.
Untill such time, you fine folks look after yaselves and go easy out there now.

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