Trumpeter F-14A Tomcat.
1/32nd Scale.

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Feline of a sorts.

A Fair Sized Cat At Any Rate.

Greetings Gang!

Just a personal turnout as I like the aircraft and haven't done a plane in a while.

So to business, this is the beastie...

And there's more than a few of 'em!

Fuselage bits

Very nicely done surface detail vis the panel lines.

Engine nozzles, cockpit parts, nose gear doors etc.

Standard cockpit detail is not too bad.

Intake parts.

Tail surfaces.


Sparrow missiles, external fuel tanks, pylons and nose radar.

Sidewinder missiles and cockpit proper for the 14A version.
Still not a bad piece of work.

Phoenix missiles.

Top ands bottom main fuselage parts.
Again with nice engraved detail.

Phoenix and outboard pylons.

Cockpit and fuselage detail parts.

Landing gear, bays and doors.

Strakes and control surfaces.


Intakes, nose cone, ejection seats, metal landing gear strengtheners, photo etch fret and clear parts.

Canopy and tires.

The needed colour sheets and decal callouts.

The much needed destruction manual.

Decal sheet for VF-111 'Sundowners'

Decal sheets for VF-84 'Jolly Rodgers', VF-1 'Wolf Pack' Stars and bars with all the stenciling.

Now the add-ons for this turn out.
I'll be doing this one in flight so a good cockpit and to populate the front office.

The Aires set for the cockpit and beautifully detailed stuff it is too.

Seats are excellent.

All this topped off with an etched brass fret and transparencies.

So to the driver and RIO.

Now there's a lot of this i'm just not going to be using but that's the way of things.

Will be doing the Wolf Pack hi-vis scheme as that's pretty much my favourite so there ya have it.

More to come as time goes on.

Go easy out there now gang!

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