Polar Lights Star Trek Original Series USS Enterprise
1/350th Scale

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Been a long wait...

But Bloody Well Worth It!

Welcome along to another WIP waltz about the Hellhole gang.
So finally, one kit i've been a waiting for a loooooong time,
is at last in my grubby and somewhat largish mitts.

Oh hell yes!
Now, few things to get straight right off the bat...
I am not exactly a Star Trek fan as such.
I do not have even one single statue or hallmark ornament or poster from the franchise.

A severely lapsed Trekker one could say.

And yeah, I know it's s'posed to be Trekkie, but to me,
they are the folks who know the shoe size and inside leg
measurement of everyone who ever appeared in any Trek incarnation, as well as everything else
I never really was interested in knowing.

Trekkers on the other hand are to me, are just your dyed in the wool
fans of the series who know probably all the same stuff but do NOT have
the habit of telling it to anyone who listens and boring folks shitless about how
*insert series name/actor/role from franchise here*
will never be as good as
*insert different series name/actor/role from franchise here*
or hyperventilating when someone says "Isn't that William Shatner over there?".

I'm several dozen rungs below that.
Love the design of the TOS Enterprise,
not interested in what deck the communal crapper is on,
how the Heisenberg compensator works
or how JJ Abrams ruined Star Trek.

Rant done, on with the show...

So then to the box of goodies.
Parts aplenty so to begin at the beginning,
Clear stuff.

Window inserts and plenty of 'em.
Crisp moulding's so all good there.
Why they include them in white and heavily smoked plastic as well,
I have no real idea why apart from the assumption this is for
those who may want just black and white windows instead
of lighting the beastie so that's fair enough.
Anyway, here they be.

More clear window insert and the like parts.

And again in white and heavily smoked..
I think the white and smoked are bound for the spares bin
to be honest but some more greeblies in reserve don't hurt.

Clear parts again for the front of the engine nacelles or the
'Bussard Collectors' as called by the instructions.

So to the grey plastic bits.
Nacelle detail parts and a very small shuttle craft.

Isn't that a cute wee thingy?
Hangar bay and bridge parts.

I may or may not use the bridge part,
decide on that as I go.

Engine pylons.

Neck parts.

Engine nacelle detail parts.

The insert grille parts are very nicely done and crisply moulded.

More detail and larger parts.

Engine nacelles proper.

Secondary/engineering hull parts.

Parts for the deflector dish moulded in copper.

Saucer bottom and top.

All well moulded with the grid lines engraved fairly finely.
Odd that it has a textured surface bit not a prob that some
wet and dry grit paper can't sort out.

The rather necessary destruction sheet.

And last but by no means least, the A4 sized waterslide decal sheet!

This will probably not be used as such apart from
getting slapped on a scanner and being turned in to a sheet
of dry rubdowns for this turnout.
See how that goes as we go along.

Well now the build brief and this is just for me.
Lighting by yours truly rather than the
lighting kit available from Round 2.
Nothing personal but I think I can deal with that to my satisfaction
and for a wee bit less than the lighting kit costs.
Usual build and paint hoo-ha with probably some minor alterations but more on that as we go.

Well what I see before me is a box full of
seriously crisply moulded parts and with a little bit of luck,
a decent enough model of the Enterprise will be the result.

Of course that really depends on me and that's a problematic
enough deal for anyone to think about.

More next time gang so you merry lot look after
yaselves and go easy out there now!

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