Polar Lights Original Series USS Enterprise
1/350th Scale

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The secondary hull, a few bits slung in, gluing and sanding.

And Plenty Of Holes Drilled.

Welcome back people!
Well time for some more of this rather nice lass to get sorted.

Secondary/engineering hull or what ever you wanna call it,
slapped on the bench and away we do jolly well go.

In short order, parts cleaned up,
foiled out for the light reflecting gig,
windows filled with resin and much surface sanding.

All sorted so fitting out for the lights.
Done in fairly short order and works a treat.

And a dry fit and test.
There's more than enough excess light getting chucked out the fantail
to deal with the dome that sits atop the clamshell doors
and the fantail marker/lending lights so it's all good.

Turned my attention to the stand pole at this point.
Now I was going to need a slightly larger diameter tube than the supplied one
due to the amount of wires i'd be running out of this beastie.

Hull part that this should fit on to ripped off the sprue,
cleaned up, appropriate pipe size selected,
same diameter hole drilled and pipe driven in.

A hole drilled through the plastic part and pipe to take
a small steel pin which got hammered through.
That will stop ant twisting nonsense happening at that end.

Glued in to place, clamped up and left alone to cure.
Which it did without complaint.

So on to the fantail and clamshell doors.
Required parts removed from sprue, cleaned up and assembled.

Needed some extra styrene sheet to make up for the sides of the hangar
which I didn't fit but no biggie.

So then came some chopping out of the 'would only get in the way' plastic.
Went without incident i'm very happy to report...for once.

When came the foil and epoxy exercise, tinted and clear for the use of.

Fit said part, sand away all filler from the hull seams itself
and generally clear up stuff.

Fit dome to top of hull over clamshell doors and proceed to lighting test.

Now the camera i'm using definitely does not like red lights, at all!
Gives them this horrible dark edge for some reason.
Thankfully the backup camera is a little bit more agreeable to such things.

So then, next up the nacelles got the inset parts fitted and any filling required.
A brisk sanding down and it's a done thing so far with them.

The open areas that would normally be where the grilles go got
closed up with some styrene sheet.

As part of the to come final deal, bought in a variable speed controller for the bussard motors.
At sixteen quid, I wasn't going to argue and that's cheaper than it
would cost me to make it so what the hell.

It's rated up to 5 amps so that's more than good enough for this deal.
Tried it out and it works bloody nicely.

So lastly for this turnout, the rear caps for the nacelles.

Now I wanted the ones with the holes in rather than the
white globe ones for this model.
Like I said, this is not going to be a specific Enterprise.
It will be the one I want to build with the details I like.

So with this in mind, a sterling soul came to my aid.
Enter he who is known as 'Robiwon' on the message boards.

Robert (for it is he) sent me the pair of ones he wasn't going to be using
so that saved me a shed load of time and hassle
trying to make them up meself.

Thou art a top fella sah!

So one got the drill out routine which was a smidgen more difficult
than first predicted by me but nothing unusual there.

This will get cleaned up to correct some of my less than stellar
aim with a drill bit and then will get shoved
under rubber to cast two out.

Casting it as more will be required for a future build that may or may not happen
but a head start in some cases in no bad thing.

And that's all for now while I toddle off to the hellhole to get the
main bits all together in to one starship.
At least that's the plan but more on that next update.

Thanks as always for stopping by to bear witness to the hellhole happenings
and standard stupidity which is my kind of thing.
Take care and go easy out there people!

Captains Log : Additional,
Stardate lotsanumbersthatmeansodall
Captain Slog recording...

Assembly went well for once.

Just the half ton of spaghetti hanging out the front to take care of and some Aves
around where the pylons meet the secondary hull and
roberts ya fathers brother!

End of log.

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