Caldercraft/Jotika HMS Victory
1/72nd Scale

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I'm sorry...

I Just Couldn't Help Meself!

And in reality, I don't think i'm that sorry to be honest...if at all.

Greetings Gang!
Well then, this upcoming bundle of fun is due to a few factors.
As noted before, I love ships from the age of fighting sail and working with wood. The ships are about the one thing i'm truly a fan of so to speak.
I also have a certain affiity with the Victory, she's a lovely Kent born lass, built at the Chatham Royal dockyard just a few miles from where I live as it happens.
Lastly, this thing is a sort of a 'grail kit' for me. Seen a few builds and always promised myself that i'd have it one day...
This day has arrived
and hopefully do her justice when finished...
a day a long time from now.

I strongly suspect that at least another birthday and maybe a christmas will pass 'fore me and this gal grapple so when I get to it, it will be a non-stop affair from go to woah.
So it may well be a long while untill I get started so for now...

Big Box...Bloody Heavy...My Arms Hurt A Bit

So if for no other reason than i'd rather get this done first to save typing it all up at a much later date, what's in that thar box you may ask?

Well that my friends is a box measuring 40" long, 12 & 1/2" wide and 6 & 1/2" deep.
Weighs in at about 15lbs or so I estimate, felt a lot heavier by the time I got it home I can tell you.

The Kit when built is supposed to measure approx 54 & 1/2" long, 37" tall and just over 20 & 1/2" wide.
So on opening, one thing that occours is this is no 'free fresh air with your kit' boxing

So the first thing to confront ones peepers is two plans bundles, 18 sheets in all.
Hiding under them are the destructions, three ring bound books covering the hull, masting & rigging and Parts list & parts ID.
48, 40 and 44 pages long respectively.

Under that lot we find one small pack of CNC cut parts and an extensive padded bag with the photoetch brass frets.
Imagine somewhere around A5'ish size and that's about right for the bigger frets.

So past that lot and after removing some hefty staples to get to the timber and the rest of the metal.

Lots and lots of timber.
Mostly CNC cut stuff in walnut and varying thicknesses of plywood with a veritable plethora of planking and dowel.

And then maybe some more CNC cut plywood and walnut...

Ok maybe just a little bit more plywood then...

Last bits of timber I swear...

And three bags, two with rigging thread and one bag full of brass cannon.

And lastly, a red cardboard box with several bags of goodies.
Rigging blocks, dead eye's, copper tiles, cannon balls, brass pins, metal castings and a partridge in a pear tree...well maybe not the last one but you get the picture.

Also found the bottom of the box and my free toy.
Wood dust.
How lucky can ya get eh?

So to all intents and purposes, this kit has everything bar tools, equipment and skills to build one big HMS Victory.
The quality of Caldercraft/Jotika production has not been understated on sites concerning ship models.
Just by looking at the parts and packaging, it shows and shows well.
Granted it's one of the most expensive kits of it's kind on the market but you don't just get a little for ya money.
You get a whole honkin' great big box full o' stuff for your dosh.
So, over the next I dunno how long, my small library of books on the Vicky is going to get a goodly leafing through and the instruction books will be almost memorised by the time I start.
And looking at this kit, i'll need to have done at least that, belive me.
I'll most likely only ever build this kit once so it will certainly be all stops out big time!

Untill that day LONG away when I do finally start, you lot take care and as always, go easy.

As of August 2009 the current financial situation has made it necessary to cancel this project and the kit has been sold off.
I shall be leaving this page here for information purposes.

Page 1...and it'll be a while untill page 2
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