Battlestar Galactica Viper MkII
1/10th Scale.

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Two and 3/4 reels of filament later...

A Pile Of Fun On The Bench!

Welcome back all!
Been a while since this thing got a look in but that's how it be.

So then to business...
The printer did it's work in about 350hrs or so and all relevant parts done and done.
Here's the fuselage lot.

Basic prints with a .30mm nozzle and layer height of .15mm.
By no means perfect but good enough for a first build test.
The first one will be to iron out the wrinkles of which there will be a few I am certain.

Join surfaces came out ok.

Some small adjustments required for the later prints needed but no big deal.

So to the assembly and nothing more complex that plenty of rapid cure epoxy stay put gunk
and the odd tap with a 8oz mallet just for good measure.
The light colour stuff hastily applied to parts that you may see is rapid cure epoxy putty.

The main engine front and rear parts were put together, here's one of them.

The resin engine cans I did more than a wee while ago fit nicely.

Dry fit of one engine to the fuselage.

Likewise the high engine, fairing and top fin got a look see and dry fit.

So then, about 1/2 a pound of fast cast urethane resin in to
the bottom of the fuselage, glue main engines on and
fit a threaded insert for the panavise work stand.

Wings assembled, printed in three parts each.

Dry fit of the shove the major parts in place.

and the much required 'standard scale modeling visual size aid'...

(empty coke can)

getting in on the act.

Rough print of the canopy frame given no cleaning
up but shoved on for a final photo look see like.

Well it's no tiddler!

Comes out at about the 33 and a bit inches one is after so it's all good.
The wingspan is about 20 inches so yeah, it will take up a bit of room for certain.

Speaking of room being taken up and related NuBSG stuff to come, as soon as Moebius release
their Raptor kit, i'll be getting one to have a look see at as some one who shall remain nameless
has asked for a Raptor in 1/10th.

Major head scratching times ahead methinks.

Well a hell of a lot still to be done and more on this and other stuff
when I get a certain Starship fully painted and off my bench at long last.
Till next time, take care out there you merry mob!

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