Wonder Woman 3D Printed Figure
1/4 Scale

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She's all woman......

And If I do My Job Right,
She Will Look Wonderful!

Welcome along one and all to another portion of 3D printing pandemonium.

Now the mesh for this lass was bought via Malix 3Design.

Print wise she's supposed to be done 'as is' in 1/8th and 1/6th scale...


me being me?

Like I was going to go with that!

The rendered picture below shows how she's supposed to look...

How she'll look once i'm done is another matter but we'll see.

So to the parts...
These are just done with the support material removed and that's it, so much cleaning still to be done
but it's not that big of a deal with this stuff.

The main figure parts...

The sculpting and surface textures are pretty damn good.

Top and bottom body together make a reasonably impressive lump.

So on to the detail bits.
Shield, shield arm strap, lasso and sword blade.

I had to break the sword down as it was originally had the grip and forearm attached
but wouldn't fit into the build volume as is in 1/4 scale.
Also reworked the blade as it looked more like an ornate club with no edge on it.

There are some scan lines on the blade but nothing that can't get sorted.

Now to the base.
Had to chop this up also in to 5 parts to fit in the build volume.

And extra parts to go on said base.

And just a dry fit place together to get the general idea for the base.

The base alone is about 8 inches cubed so not a small lump.

All told I estimate this will come out at about 2 foot tall when all done.

Nice eh?

Well i'll get plugging away at this when time allows but that's it for now.
All the best gang and go easy out there now.

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