Ok then people, This not so little item is the Deagostini 'Build The Millennium Falcon...well...built!
32" of Falcon goodness, at least I think so.

The in's and out's of how this thing came to be, in amongst much waffle and pics of the
second one i'm building, can be found at the linky button thingy below.

Please note: the build log proper begins at page 3,
the first two deal with test issues put out about two and a half years ago
before DeAgostini went ahead proper with this.

Should open in a new window assuming i've done it right...

Hopefully a slightly dodgy video I shot will eventually start playing below.

And of course if that isn't showing up, the now well known
and expected Crap-o-cam YouTube vid to go along with it.
No sound as the first upload had Star Wars OST music.
Universal Music Group took exception to it and canned the vid.
Such is life.

in the end, what we got here is the result of a 100 issue part work and called the 'Out Of The Box' build as,
at least parts wise, used nothing other than what was issued over the course of the part work.

That said, there was some paint and the like used on the interior and certainly a hell of a lot on the exterior.
Done because leaving it in the bare ABS plastic with varying shades
of factory applied wash was simply not going to bloody well happen!

it looked more like a patchwork quilt than a Falcon so that was a no-no from this locale.

Other than that, the electronics/lighting was all the supplied stuff with some fiddling about in a
few places but it's all in the above build log button so read at your leisure dear visitor!

With the exception of the odd page note here and there,
that's all the waffle in this entire gallery so enough already and on with the pictures.