13/04/15 Note To Readers! Pages 1 & 2 deal with the first test run but are being left here
for information purposes and do not fully relate to the proper build.
if it's that you are interested in then please proceed to Page 3 sharpish like.

DeAgostini Part Work
'Build The Millennium Falcon'
Possibly Studio Scale Model.

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To paraphrase a certain Corellian smuggler...

She May Not Look Like Much, But it's A Big Part Work Series, Kid.
i'll Be Making A Lot Of Special Modifications Myself.

Welcome aboard all for what may be a very long winded and purely personal build.
i say may because it's only the first two issues of this part work and there's no
guarantee it will go the full term so it's a risk but one i'm going for.

So What's The Big Deal Then?

Well I heard about this on the web and decided to look in to it.
The blurb on THiS HERE LiNK THiNGY should explain it all in a new window I hope

So the basic idea is a large Millennium Falcon.
By large, the dimensions given are 808mm (31 and 7/8th") Length.
596mm (21 and 7/16th") Width
And 192mm (7 and 1/2") Height.

Which is touted by the site blurb as being 1:1 scale with the filming model,
hence the 'possibly studio scale' tag at the top of the page.
Which would make it almost the same size as the '32" Falcon Studio Model'
At least that's what DeAgostini say.

So down to business on what's been delivered in to my grubby mitts so far then...

The first two issues and here is the first lot I got.
A reasonably well produced magazine with much pics and waffle...a bit like my site but
also destructions on assembling the parts supplied for this issue.

Now just so i'm being clear here and understand i'm speaking for me alone,
i'm not a true blue fan of the movies but I love some of the ship designs,
the Falcon being one of the top of the list contenders.

As to what the magazines give you, well i'd say about 75 odd percent of the stuff in the magazine
is about as much use to me as back pockets in me socks.
For occasional fans it's probably right up their alley,
for anyone like true fans, they may find it of some interest and/or amusement.

For the overly intense nit pickers, rabid detail rivet counters or the top end uber
seriously sad anal retentive Star Wars pajama wearing types,
probably not that great but anyways...

On to the first lot of supplied parts.
The cockpit rear wall with holes for back lighting.
A printed peel and stick...sticker...which is translucent so it can all be back lit.
The first of the outer hull parts.
The first of the quad laser cannons and it's yoke.
The Cockpit base/bucket.
Two internal metal hull frame parts and two screws.

So first impressions of the parts.
Well it's a place to start for certain.

i'll keep all the costs and likewise stuff untill the bottom of the page round up.


Right then...
Also you get a nice fold out sheet.

Now looking at this, I have no clear idea whether this is the prototype model of what your going to get in this part work,
or something like the Master Replicas Falcon.
Can't say there as i've never seen one up close.

When you take a close look at say the inside left front mandible, you see this...

Which doesn't seem to match either the 32" filming model...

Or the 5 foot model...

So your guess is as good as mine on that one.
The starboard docking tube (i think that's what it's supposed to be called) looks like this in the picture.

Looks like an crisper detailed version of the part supplied and to be supplied but not like
a part of the filming models i've seen so far.

So make of this what you will and onward!
included is a fold out 'blueprint'.
Rather inaccurate in the details except for the top of the starboard docking tube which
seems to sort of match the part I have and the part that i'll get in issue 3.

so again, that's a make what you will of it.

On to the second issue now.

Again, much stuff for those interested.

Parts supplied with this issue.
One of the quad gun turrets,
Some more internal metal framing,
The cockpit front dashboard and sticker,
The holographic game board and mis-cut sticker for the top,
Some screws,
metal framework joining plates and a handy screwdriver.

For those curious about size difference, A pic of the Fine Molds Falcon part, MPC kit part and the one from the part work.

To Buy And Build Or Not? That is The Question!
Well what we have here is going to be a long haul.
Scuttlebutt has it that this will be four issues a month after the first two and about 100 issues total.
So about two years worth of time.

Money wise? it's about 900 quid in UK beer tokens.

So a long time and no small chunk of change I think you'll agree.

Scratch building which may take longer and more expensive depending on how it's done.
Or save up your moolah real hard and get a Master Replicas one.
The current price seems to be from 3 to 4 thousand upwards to 7 to 10K depending on where you look.

How Accurate is it?
A damn good question and I can only go on what I have so far.
The only answer I can honestly give is it will look like the Falcon.
I would say not as accurate as the Master Replicas one by a fair way going by the pics online I have seen of one
and looking at the smaller detail parts on the surface of the model.

Are DeAgostini Going to do The Full Run?
Again a good question.
Word in some parts of the internet have it that this is a test sale on the first five or so issues,
only being rolled out in parts of the UK and online.
if it takes off (no pun intended) then the rest of the issues will be launched allegedly.

No idea how true that is but we will see.

So What's Your Plan Then Oh Hairy Modeling Fella?
Well my plan is as follows:
Wait until I have enough parts to make a serious dent
in the build or as and when I have it all then start the build.
To build and light though I suspect I won't use the 'to be supplied' lighting kit.
I want to convert it from it's intended spec,
that being the 'Empire Strikes Back' Falcon to 'A New Hope' Falcon and lose the front landing gear boxes.
Do up the exterior detailing and repaint a goodun!
Go to town on the advertised interior detail parts they will supposedly supply for this build,
Add figures if appropriate.
But we'll see how it all works out as time goes on.

Should I Buy This Then?
Well all I can say is that's completely up to you dear reader.
I can only hope enough folks have signed up to justify them carrying on with this as it's the best alternative
money wise I can think of to getting a big assed Falcon model
but it's MOST CERTAINLY NOT without risk so caveat emptor at all times my friends.

More as and when I have something of interest to tell so until that time,
You merry lot go easy out there now!

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