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Well it's different...

And Not Exactly Small Either

Howdo gang!
I trust all is well with you merry lot?

Right then, just the opener page on this turnout.
Simple brief...
Ain't they all?...

Client sends me large thingy, get told to make it look pretty.
A can do thing and nice to have the bulk of the item in question already sorted so to speak.
Now let's get down to cases here.
The case in question being this sizable beastie...

Have to say on initial looksee, not bad for what is in essence, a toy.
Some 15 & 1/4" tall which makes it some 3/4 or there abouts studio scale.
Or big enough for most people if you will.
Now bearing in mind it is a toy, it's really a fairly decent turnout detail wise.
See for yaselves...

Yes, I did do the flyby thing with throat assisted sound effects...

So then, to the bits and pieces thing.
The panels are spring loaded for that battle damage thing I assume.
This will be removed...yeah I am a killjoy...

Moulded out in one piece each with a snap in attachment thingy.
Detailing may be a bit blank/plain in places but that will be attended to.
As will the inevitable moulding discs.

The cockpit lump is pretty good with an interior.
That will consigned to the spares box.

So then, there are four screws apparently holding this bit together
so a swift unscrew and working round the seam to pop the pins.
Job done.

The seat and cockpit are actually quite nice and will be used for another project.
Not one I have thought up yet but it'll happen.

On first glance, the orange tinted glass seems like it's a separate piece but no so.
Some well moulded pieces and paintwork done I must say.

The front window and top hatch are singular moulded bits just painted.
Nice bits but will probably get a space in the spares bin and replacement ones made up.

So in essence what we do got here is a fairly big toy that has to get stuff
added to it to make it appear just a smidgen more like the effects model.

More like the effects model rather than exact you understand.
A sort of 'stand off studio model' if you will.
Should be an interesting ride if nothing else.

But that's for another day and another update so untill such time as that occurs...
You lot go easy now.

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