Cassini Models Skydiver
from Gerry Andersons' UFO
Resin Kit Review
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A lotta resin, a lotta parts...

it's Pretty Big Too!

Howdo you merry mob!
Right then people, a kit review of sorts from yours truly.
This is a kit I won't be building by the way...
Yeah I know, weird for me but maybe that will change later.
Anyways, on with the show.

The Gerry Anderson series UFO spawned some top notch SF designs that
still stand the test of time in my humble opinion.
The SHADO Mobiles have always been a favorite of mine and others I am sure, are just one example.
This particular beastie is another.
Forget the practicalities of the design, it's the overall look which is one of those that once seen,
always gets some interest even if some people,
the non-SF/Anderson fan types out there,
are not sure what it is.

I think it's the submarine look with a plane stuck on the end that does it.
Looks like this.

No matter though, cool is cool and this is a cool design so it's all good to me.

So then, this here resin kit thingy...
The kit comes from Cassini Models in Australia.
Land of two legged bouncing marsupials and the top notch barbeque.

You can go visit the model kits section of their site at the following linky thing:

Cassini Models

Have a good look round while you're there as well, pretty damn interesting stuff!

Now this kit review sample was supplied via my best friend who got one...
Without much hesitation I hasten to add...
And lent my way for this here turnout.
Comes as two separate boxed kits so first up:
Sky 1.

The box and pardon the slightly creased up appearance.
The big boxing, in which both boxed kits were shipped,
took a bit of a hammering via the postal mob but all parts come through without a scratch.

And the bits and bobs therein.

The hollow cast fuselage.

Overall quality is good.
A few of the panel lines seem a bit soft definition wise but the majority are clear and well scribed.
So not totally consistent in that area but nothing a quick run over with a scribing tool can't sort out.
Found a total of three surface air bubbles.
All about 1/2mm (a little over 1/64") or a little bigger in size so nothing that would constitute a disaster there.
Mould seams show a very slight step in a few places.
I would make the worst to be about 0.2mm so no dramas in my opinion
after a small amount of sanding down with very little filler required if at all.

The wings now.

Solid cast parts but not without their problems.
in plan and profile, exactly as they should be and detail wise, all cleanly done but...
A measure of airbubble and surface pitting problems are in evidence here.

With the surface pitting,
after a good clean with something like Methylated spirits or some neat alcohol (sparingly used)
A skim of your favorite filler and lick with some fine wet and dry should see you sorted there.
With the surface airbubbles, same deal should sort it.
The subsurface ones are another matter.
if you'll take my advice there,
A dig out of the worst with whatever sharp bladed implement takes your fancy,
the a round or two of the fill/sand and prime to check will kick those problems to the kerb in short order I reckon.

Along to page 2 with ya for the next bit of the Sky 1 stuff!

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