Artesania Latina Scottish Maid
1/50th Or Thereabouts Scale

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Now here is where a trained troupe of rigging arachnids could come in handy.

Sadly None Available...
So I'll Have To Do It Myself.

Well into the fabulous world of block threading and knot tying as it were.
The kit supplied thread was less than stellar quality so some Caldercraft brand rigging thread was bought in for the purpose.

So first the shroud lines were served and then placed in position on the mast tops.
Then they were seized in turn to the deadeyes, the length between the upper and lower deadeyes established and kept even by short lengths of brass wire.
The back stays were also fitted.
Once the shrouds were all in place, some nylon thread used to rig the deadeyes proper and back stays brought up to equal tension.

The upper main a foremast parts tapered and secured with the mast caps.
Then all other back and fore stays made up and secured in position.
Once complete, the bob stays for the bowsprit fitted.

Then came the tedious but necessary attachment of rigging blocks for the running rigging.
These were the kit supplied ones.
All individually seized and fitted in position.
I stopped counting the knots a long time ago...
Let's just call it more than a few.

So all required blocks in position and going nowhere.
On to the footropes or ratlines on the shrouds.
A cheat card drawn up and placed to help keep the ratlines level and even.
And much tying of knots...again.
Each knot was secured with some scenic glue.
It's a water thin PVA like glue that dries matt and clear so perfect for this kind of job.
Ratlines on , secured and trimmed up.

That'll about do it and the same sort of deal on the foremast.
So on to the next lot.
The boom, gaffs and yards cut from dowel, tapered and rigging blocks attached.

These come in to play on the next and final page.
Away with you and i'll see you there.

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