3D Printed Female Superhero WIP Log
1/4 Scale

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Just like the lady in question...

This Is Going To Be Short And Sweet.

Well not much to this but let's be about it.

Forearms done and dusted.
Flat red with a gloss coat, Royal blue with dry brushing to bring out the creases then satin varnished.
Also did her nails in flat flesh with some light flesh touches, then gloss varnished and a sepia wash around the edges.

Done and done, started on the boots.

Gloss red tops and the gilding went according to plan...
Which is always nice I feel.

The rest of the boots in Royal blue with some dark lining,
dry brushing to bring out the detail and a satin coat to finish.

So then, arms put where they should be.

Boots also attached

The base was just given a sanding down and several coats of Tamiya clear pearl
just so I could finally use up what was left in the can.

Those little dots you can see in the base are just the internal support material from the print.

Base and main event joined.

And that's it, she be a done thing!

And looking very nice if I do say so meself...
And I just did.

Well I for one am very happy with this girl.
As good a test as any for mostly uncharted 3D printed
modeling territory on this scale from my perspective.

Gallery proper can be got to by clickin' the piccie button below...

I hope you have enjoyed this wee spin about the Hellhole.
or should I say Hellhole Mk II as it's now inside my house.

Thanks for coming along for the ride people,
have to admit i've rather enjoyed it which is a rarity for me these days.

See you about the place for more goings on going on at a time yet to be determined

You merry mob take good care of yaselves out there now.

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