Revell Star Trek USS Voyager 1/670th Scale

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This is the time and place...

So Here We Go With The Replacements!

What ho gang!

Time to get a bit of hack and slash work in with the stuff that needs to go.
First things up are the phaser arrays and it's a matter of detailing.
The ones moulded in look like this.

On the studio thing, they look like this...

So polygons ahoy!

And some printing was done.

So to begin with, the chopping of of lumps didst happen.

Also took some time out to remove the raised panel lines off and scribe in because I wanted to.

New phaser arrays applied and a comparison or two.

Sharper and generally a bit nicer.
Same thinking applied to the other small ones.

The warp nacelle pylons got a going over.
New phaser strips, impulse drives hollowed out, raised lines now scribed in and some small detail work.

The deflectors were next on the hit list.
The auxiliary and main had the polygon punching routine done.

The printing was done and a quick comparison looksee.

All well and good but the main deflector needed a bit more of a polygon polish.
Which was done.

The auxiliary deflector area need a bit of looking at.
The shroud like bit over the top was not exactly the right shape
and the material a bit too thick so that got seen to.

Looks a smidge better so onward!

And lastly for this update...
The window cutting has started!

More to come next update folks!

You merry mob stay safe out there now.

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