Revell Star Trek USS Voyager 1/670th Scale

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A few bits hacked off...

And A Few Bits Put Back.

Getting on with the underside of the primary hull so to speak.

The 'trench' in the underside has some surface detailing that
the kit lacks but not a big deal to add it.
The real deal looks like this.

So the phaser strips cleared off for the replacements, windows cut in and the circular indents in the trench added.

On the inside, the phaser strips got some 5 min epoxy backing to keep them honest
and started laying down some self adhesive foil for the windows.

Expanded the foil thing once the clear parts had been installed and the windows I cut out got some UV curing clear resin added.

On the outside, the unlit windows got some 5 min spoxy with black paint in applied,
left to cure and then wet sanded flush.

An LED torch from behind gives and impression of how that sorta works out.

The trench also has a line around it so...
Some strips of styrene with double sided tape laid on and one got to it with a scriber.

The same styrene got bent for the corners.

Wandered off a bit in places but nothing some filler and a wet sand couldn't sort out.
A quick lick of primer later and done.

That'll do! Moving on...

The top primary hull got done with the window cutting.
Test look see at the phaser strip replacements.

Looks about right so they got chiseled off and new ones in place.
Same deal as the underside ones,
Remove, sand flush, supergule replaceemts, back fill with 5 min epoxy, done!

And that's ya lot for now, more to come when I get around to it.
You merry mob look after yeaselves out there now.

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