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Space Shuttle With External Tank And Boosters
1/72nd Scale

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Well now...

Real Space?...Yep And No Kidding!

Greetings gang!
Okedoke then, here's the intro page to this WIP waffle fest dontchaknow.
Thought I may just call this a winter project of sorts as it will most likely go from late this year of 2009 into the next so...shall we?

Right, this will be a build attacked in a stage fashion.
That is to say this is the first stage and the most important part of the deal.
The other stages?
We will get into that as we go along so be patient.

More than a few years ago now, I built this kit and did a sort of passable job on it.
The results of that debacle can be seen by clicking the linky pic below which should open in a new window with a bit of luck.

Ok so the commencement of this turn out, the items required to do what I hope will be a half decent job.
Or at least do justice to a model this damn big.
A kit will be needed of course and with the help of a marker or two called in and dear old evilbay...
Said items were snagged, reeled in and not too much money expended.
So to begin with, a scrap ET and SRB setup, built by someone else but complete with all the important bits so no prob.

This would not be complete without the large white and black beastie (to be) to go with it.

The only 'off the shelf' additive to this at present will be a set of Cutting Edge resin main engines and OMS engine bells.
Which by odd coincidence look something like this...

Nice eh?
Long since out of production but what the hell.
Had the chance to get them so didn't pass it up.
I'll be trying to get a set of aftermarket decals for this but that's another matter to get sorted.
When and whenever they are available so to speak.
Supplies are sporadic but anyway, that's for later.

Now seeing as i'm trying to act like a modeler of some sort, the reference material.
And before anyone yells about that not being the right stuff...

No pun intended...

This is by no means a definitive 'best stuff to build ya model with' info, just the gear that I reckon will do the job.
My particular pile consisting of three books and a wagon load of printed stuff from the dear old internet.
The books concerned are as follows:

Now granted that things like 'The Space Shuttle Operator's Manual' is an old tome and nowhere near up to date.
But it does contain some very useful info concerning the interior if your planning to build, say, a pre-glass cockpit orbiter,
Also the exterior stuff is very comprehensive so all good to be honest.

The rest of the stuff is pics downloaded and printed off from places like the image archive at the Kennedy Space Center.
KSC search page linky.

If you happen to have a fast net connection and some time to kill, most all of the high-res images are top notch stuff!

Also for the detail freaks and the like, I grabbed a publication from this page:
Spacecraft drawings page

The first one on the list is a 1977 publication concerning the SRB's.
Now it's old and it'll cost you $5 to download but just go with me here on the fact that it has some excellent drawings and details that are still relevant.

So then, much printing, clear sleeve slotting and shoving in a binder did take place.
And I for one am thankful that cheap replacement ink carts are available for jobs like this.

So the intention here...
Well it is to build the full stack and possibly with the inclusion of the mobile launch platform and crawler.
Not forgetting a few lights thrown in for good measure.
In all likelihood, i'll be building one from the current fleet with a glass cockpit.
A full thermal insulation exterior covering for the orbiter, not going with any decals for that.

In fact, in the usual way of finding that dear old spark of inspiration, it came from this page:
Top Notch Orbiter Model

If I can make mine look even half as good as this one, i'll not be unhappy believe me!

Upgrade the SRB's with relevant details and markings.
External tank likewise.
All connecting struts and linkages also reworked.

Suffice to say, a hell of a lot of fiddling about to be done.

But that's for down the road anyway after some other things have to get sorted.
In short, fun stuff for later.

And i'll see you lot later so go easy gang!

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