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The Last Wee Bits And Bobs

Greetings gang and a warm welcome to the final installment!
Okedoke and on with the final paintwork cleanup.
Just a few wee areas to take care of and they were in short order.

And so to the decaling thing.
Turned out by yours truly and in need of a lot of trimming
as they be printed on continuous carrier film.
No big deal and after some slicey dicey oncey twicey and a H2O dip
and placement, it was sorted in goodly fashion.

So all cured and a decent coat of acrylic matt varnish
was airbrushed on with wild abandon.
Me and Mr Abandon do a lot of work together ya know.

So then that all nice and dry, time for yet more bloody masking...geeeeezoh!...
and we are into weathering territory.
Masking applied to the areas I wanted left clean just to break it up in subtle fashion.

Ordinary pastel chalks ground down on a bit of 400 grit paper.
The all purpose black with some dark brown and medium grey brush applied where appropriate.
When all that brush/blend/sorted lark was done, all masking removed and an
airbrush coat of matt acrylic varnish yet again to seal.

So lastly for the main bulk, some red wash here and there
for dried up fluid runs from engine access panels.
Well that and fitting the canopy with some paint chipping,
thumbnail assisted for ease of working.

And lastly for the build as such, side guns.
Already given the white primer treatment some time back.
A going over on the appropriate areas with some acrylic
matt black followed by the inevitable mid grey enamel drybrush..
A touch of acrylic matt red to other appropriate places
and some dirtying down then ready for the next bit.

That bit being some brass wire pins and drilling violence duly helped by some epoxy gunk
and slotted into place.
Sorted again!

And finally...
Slap the thing on it's stand, take a few snaps,
flick the switch and take a few more.

And that, as they say, is that!

Proper gallery at that thar piccy link below.

Should open in a new window I hope.
Hope you've enjoyed this little turnout.
Thanks for stopping by troops and troopettes,
take good care of yaselves and go easy out there now.

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