Lunatic Fringe Belles Of Gotham WiP Page 3
1/6th Scale

Limited Run Resin and White Metal Kit from Lunatic Fringe.

A Not Too Terribly in-Depth Or Technical Kit Review And Build

Part 3

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All Dressed Up And Still A Bit To Go

So to the costume and detail paintwork. To go through the process, first was to paint overall in matt black.

I had already decided to stick to the colours as laid out, well almost anyways.

Then came the drybrushing with the same matt black with a drop or two of matt white
added at each stage and progressively building up from putting a fair bit of pressure
on the brush as I applied the paint to very light strokes.

Ending effect has a two fold thing, first to shade the clothing and secondly
it gave the finish a very slight sheen akin to black rubber.
Pretty much what I was after so done and onward to details like bat symbol, gloves, belt and boots.

Painting of the yellow areas was pretty straightforward.
A coat of matt white as a base and then in with 2 coats of matt yellow.

Once dry then a bit of the yellow mixed with some matt dark grey
and thinned was used as a wash in all the creases.

This was allowed to fully dry then drybrushed with the yellow and then
worked up with yellow with some matt white to get the shade
and highlight effect I was going for.

Catwoman went through pretty much the same kinda process of base and drybrushing paintwork.
This was one departure from the kit colours,
I decided to go with a muted dark purple colour for the main part of the costume,
said purple being a one off mix I did from matt scarlet and matt dark blue.

Boots and gloves were painted with enamel semi-gloss black, her 'claws' done with ordinary silver.

NOW the girls are startin' to look the part !

For a while there on the Batgirl,
I thought seriously about going with the black and red number
that the new comic Batwoman is supposed to be decked out in.

But I decided to leave that one,
possibly for a large scale scratch build sometime later in the year, or next year...
or the year after...
or when I get around to doing it if someone else doesn't do it before me,

it's a done deal for this part, more to follow my friends so stay tuned…

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