Lunatic Fringe Belles Of Gotham WiP Page 5
1/6th Scale

Limited Run Resin and White Metal Kit from Lunatic Fringe.

A Not Too Terribly in-Depth Or Technical Kit Review And Build

Part 5

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A Hairy Problem To Be Sure!

The last hurdle to be got over here so off to the hellhole we go.

Now then, I had considered using the resin castings of the hair supplied in the kit
but an idea had been sitting at the back of my tiny mind since
I got this kit and that idea was...wigs.
I kid you not.

Now the resin parts were ok but as always i'm trying new things with each project
and this seemed like a good excuse to give it a go.
Some years ago I bought 3 large dolls wigs of ebay
with the intention to use on a figure or two when the time arose to try it,
this is that time.

The wigs are all made from fine strand nylon.
As it happens I got one black and two slightly different shades of blond.

First off the wigs are for dolls and that meant they are perfect for about 1/2 scale.
i'm working a wee bit smaller so a likely clump was selected and cut off.
Then I experimented with stitching to a small piece of cloth.
A very hap hazard result so in with some glue instead on a piece of cloth.

Using the cut off wig hair and applied a few strands at a time
from the bottom of the cloth upward in a layer fashion.
I started on the hair for our feline lass eventually ending up with what you see here.

The backing remained reasonably flexible so that saved me some
shouting and teeth gritting with getting it into position.
The top edge was simply trimmed and the wig fixed with some help
from the old redoubtable cyano.

Then it came to the Batgirl.
Since I was planning a slight change to the kit here,
I decided to go with almost a ponytail kinda thing.

So then, grabbing a fair clump of hair from the darker blond wig I went to work.
I built up the hair using clumps, for want of a better word,
which were glued at the top and flattened.

When dry, the top was cut at a sharp angle to better fix to the back of Batgirl's head.

I made up about 2 or 4 individual bits and then
glued them on layer fashion bottom to top.

The only thing left to do was some combing and styling so to speak.
The hellhole ended up half like a workshop and half like a barbers shop by the time I was done.

Funny old game this modeling lark ain't it?

Last task was to clear up the back of Batgirl's head.
This was accomplished with some masking tape and filler,
applied, left to dry, filed and sanded to shape
and then a quick paintwork clear up and done !

Well that as they say is almost that.
Very last job was a head to toe checkup,
clearing up of any paintwork and other defects and some paper backed green foam
on the underside of the base.
Applied with my good friend 3M photo mount spray adhesive and
just a quick run around the edge with a scalpel.
Just a little touch but a nice way to finally finish a project.

And that as they say is that !

All in all i'm rather happy with how it's all turned out.
About 60 hours and change expended over a just shy of 8 day period
and not a bad result at the finish line.

Nice kit and decently priced, well thought out and produced to a good standard.
All those things make our job easier so here's to that.
I for one will be looking forward to what Lunatic Fringe has planned for their next offering.

I hope you have enjoyed this little review and build.
Click the Belles Of Gotham button below to be taken to the finished model gallery.
Be well folks and folkettes, see thee next time in my little corner of the web.

Happy modeling and take good care of yaselves!

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