Lunatic Fringe Belles Of Gotham WiP Page 4
1/6th Scale

Limited Run Resin and White Metal Kit from Lunatic Fringe.

A Not Too Terribly in-Depth Or Technical Kit Review And Build

Part 4

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A Place For Everything...

Well now, the base work. Decided on nothing flashy and to keep it simple.
First to do a simple clean and prime with the ever useful grey auto primer.

First a dark grey wash was applied to all the gapping in the stone floor and once dry,
masked with latex masking fluid.

Selected a simple light grey/brown colour,
a VERY old tin of enamel marked as hemp colour seemed about right
so dry brush mania was about to ensue.

Once all settled, removed the masking and after a little bit more drybrush hoo-ha the edge
of the base just painted semi-gloss black.

Next job was simple enough,
place the ladies in position and with the help of the
pre-prepared three small screws this bit was accomplished in short order.

Next task was to take the separate gloves of both figures and glue these in position.
Again done in short order with no problems I am thankful to say.

That done and me pleased with the result so far,
time to turn my attention to the cape.
Again nothing too flashy required apart from some sanding down
to thin out the bottom 'saw tooth' pattern and some
airbrush shading on the inside.

The outside just brush painted with semi-gloss black and fixed in position.
No shading needed on the outer surface,
the semi-gloss paint does all the light catching needed to show the shape.

it's a done deal for this part,
The final part will be up soon so keep watching my fellow figure freak friends !

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