DeAgostini Build Your Own X-Wing Partwork
1/18th Scale

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Logistics got sorted...

So I Got Some More Parts To Play With!

A little mod for a little droid.
This is how the finished R2 should look according to the magazine.

Yeah, right.

A dab or three of paint and some dark wash later got something a tad more acceptable.

I was at least able to press ahead with some assembly as well.

Starting to actually look like an X-Wing,
who'd have thought it.

One bit of bought in modification is the Falcon 3D parts replacement cockpit
and the Type A Pilot Figure

The cockpit is 3D printed with brass photo etch and waterslide decals,
the pilot likewise 3D printed.

Very crisp parts certainly helps.

Removed the main cockpit part from the support material and got top it.
Brass parts in place.

A coat of matt black the drybrushed up with german grey, light grey and white.

Panel waterslide decals in place.

A quick hold up to the light so you will get the general idea.


One mod I did was the front screens.

You get a printed clear part but that's it.
So a couple of hastily run up decals, applied and good to go.

An LED torch shows what i'm getting at here.

Mod supplied greeblies and the stock Deago plant on details finished the deal here.

Liking what I see so onward to page 3!

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