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DeAgostini Build Your Own X-Wing Fighter
1/18th Scale

Page 1...oh for cryin' out loud!Page 2 as it were!

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The third, fourth

And Final Bits!

Okedoke, the run through of what's supplied in issues 3 and 4.
Well the standard parts blister pack and pic/waffle filled magazine of course.
Issue 3...

And the inside stuff which apart from the assembly destruction
is about as much use to me as back pockets in my socks.

And the usual back page with the 'What's in this issue'
'What's coming next'

The parts pack and bits removed from said pack.

So as noted in the magazine, R2's left leg, laser housing and cockpit frames.
Also...drum roll please...

The FREE screwdriver!


Hell, it's free so what more could you want?
No pleasing some folks.

Anyways, slightly over weathering aside, crisply cast/moulded parts as the last lot were
so no real complaints here but remember these are still just the test issues
so i'll make no attempt to judge what the real deal parts will look like should this go ahead.

Onward with issue 4 then.

And the back page.

Odds and sods pack...

Now the fibre optic is a bit of an oddment, it's by no means a rigid thing.
In fact it feels like some kind of soft clear hard rubber.

And springs back to more or less straight quite well.

Lastly was the expected end letter.

Now with only a few changes, this is pretty much the same blurb as the Falcon end letter from that test run.

Now the big question is whether this will go to the full run.
Personally I have no firm idea but I am leaning toward 'yes it will'
For one thing, my friend got his first two issues without the free gifts.

He was not bothered but a note in the pack did say that they
were having trouble meeting the unexpected high demand.

If nothing else that leads me to suppose that it's been rather popular.
Potentially a good sign so here's hoping.

All I can say for myself is that i'll not be bothering with assembling anything
from the test issues and the whole lot has found a home in the greeblie bins
and it will get used sooner or later.

If this goes ahead, I will be going for the full run personally but we'll see.

These pages will remain and i'll start a fresh when and if the run proper begins.

No idea when that will be but as soon as I know, so will many others I suspect.
Take care of yaselves and go easy out there gang!

Page 1...oh for cryin' out loud!Page 2 as it were!

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