Fallout 4 APC/IFV 3D Printed
1/35th Scale

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Details, details, details...

And This Is The Last Of Them!

Right then, final bits as it were.

Hubs & tires glued and pinned to the chassis,
base stuck down to a plastic electronics project box,
holes drilled for 1.6mm brass rod pins and electrical wiring
using the holes already in the base as a guide.

Switches and battery box for 9v fitted.
Vehicle settled on the base, ends of brass pins inside the
box bent so the APC will be staying put.

Much soldering of wires to switches and battery box happened.

Rear door fitted and standard turret dropped on for a look see.

Lighting check.

Lastly for the vehicle, cables added to the reels on the side,
decals on the base and the base sides given a squirt of satin varnish.

Brass wire antennas added to all the turrets.

So that's that bit...

Now the figures!

Lifted some meshes from the game and altered some of them in a few places.
Added Pipboys and 10mm pistols to those in combat armour.
Changed the head gear on two to Militia hats.

Annnnnnnnnnd just had to have a minigun packing T-60 power armour figure...

Because it's Fallout.

Standard paint/wash/dry brush dance and one down.
Not great but not bad for me and a small scale figure.

So the rest of the figures got shown some paint.

Also made up a decal for the Minuteman crest to go one the combat armour,
so it made sense to put on on the Power armour to make up
for the crappy one I painted on.

Figures all placed and one last pic.

And that's the lot, gallery at the bitton thingy below and I hope you have enjoyed this little turnout.

You merry mob go easy out there now and stay safe all of ya!

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