Deagostini/Altaya Le Mans Ford GT40
1/8th Scale

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Not exactly inside out but...

The Inside Will Need A Little Work.

On to the interior stuff now.

The seats got sorted, backings almost as is with some black wash in the gold studs because why not.

Center part.

Now the main seats are a rubber like material so went against paint and opted for a 3200 grit pad and plenty of water
to take the shine off and bring out the details just a little.
Left seat as is, right one after a going over.

All good so on to assembly.

Other door taken care of.

Floor pan.
As is and after my drybrush larking about.
Tamiya semi gloss black base paint, Vallejo german grey then dark grey.

Metal parts given a repaint of polished steel with some silver drybrush.

Fire extinguisher.
My mate had bought some aftermarket decals off ebay as there were none for the red thing in the kit.
Those and a lick of paint got it done.

I'll sort the mount for that in a bit.

Interior wall given the dry brush treatment, upper seat harnesses and fuel pipes done.

Fuel pump with aftermarket decals, lower seat harness, wall in and seats test fitted.

Some mild steel wire sorted a spring mount for the extinguisher.

Onward and outward to the next page!

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