Deagostini/Altaya Le Mans Ford GT40
1/8th Scale

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On the finishing straight...

But A Few Bumps To Flatten Out Before We Cross The Finish Line

Additional bit of detailing.

The top fairing of the GT40 has a vent in it but the supplied part doesn't.

Enter some decent soul on ebay who does a brass photo etched part of said vent.

A few holes drilled, some tiny screws, a lick of paint and dealt with.

Front end body shell assembled.

But all is not as it should be...

Decal misalignment...

Ok, if that's the way ya wanna play it...

Fresh scalpel blade and some scraping happened to remove the offending top.
Cleared up the black line.
Online hunt for the Gulf logo was successful.
Turned in to a decal and applied.


My reference turned up some markings on the interior,
fuel data plate and fuel selector switch markings.
Decals made up and applied.

Front and mid body shells assembled, detailed and fitted.

Looks pretty but we ain't gettin' off that bloody easy.

Decal misalignment on the left door to sort.

Same scrape down lark, a dab of white, a polish down, some masking and gloss black paint got is all square again.

Rear body shell parts assembled with some dirt weathering on the inside.

Fitted and rear window in place.

Construction phase complete.
A little weathering on the outside to make it look like she's had her shakedown laps.

Lighting check!

And that's it, she be a done deal!

Full gallery at the link below.

Well now, for whatever it's worth, I still hold to the the thought that these partwork things are ok models built 'as is'
but with a little bit of effort along with some spit and polish in the right places,
can seriously lift 'em beyond just another cookie cutter model like the rest.

In essence, it's making the model yours by putting a personal stamp on it and that works for me.

Thanks for joining mew on this little turnout and take care out there all of ya!

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